Another triple whammy blog!  As entries become scarce (Autumn Apathy I believe I shall call it) I have felt the urge to combine three small blogs into one large one…let me know if this is a good idea or a bad idea!  An unintentional, lisp-like pattern has emerged this week, so prepare yourself for the latest movie about kids in an urban school who find themselves through dance!  It’s STEP, SPICY, SPIRIT!



The most popular answer…taking up two, count ’em TWO slots!  I feel like I’m being called to a dance off!

…really?  Are you people truly going to barrage me with musicals every day now?!?

…a bit better…but wow, it appears that videos are now that ‘tword’ of choice?

…yup, it’s official. Somehow the kids of today can’t handle sayin’ a word back, they gotta THROW VISUALS AT ME!  It’s the multimedia age where people don’t buy CDs, they watch YouTube!  Congrats to Google, Facebook and Apple…our new overlords!



A traditional…delicious association!  You all know I reward cleverness, horrifyingness, and stumpifyingness, but today…the award goes to this association…THE KEEPING IT SIMPLE STUPID AWARD!


My favourite association of the day, ’cause it’s my favouritest food of all time.  Fastest way to my heart…jambalaya!

That’s a SPICY meatball!

I can’t even recall where this officially came from…was it early comedies, or some kind of variety show, or a stand up comic?  Or just some guy who burned himself, exclaimed it to a busy restaurant, and made himself an icon.

I was thinking about that the other day…it’s 99% more likely you’ll never know you’ve become an icon than you do.  As the fellows at Hometown Tales keep telling me time and time again every day through their podcast, the tales that we come to know just by existing in the culture may have started with something real…but the story that builds up afterwards is completely out of control.  Like broken telephone: you walk into a restaurant, stub your two, scream something.  The waiters and waitresses joke about it, say it a lot while walking around.  Visitors to the town hear it, think it’s funny, bring it home with them.  Voila!

For all I know, half the crap I say off hand is currently popular in Antarctica.

This one came with a caveat:

(i’ll most likely be doing link responses every now & then to annoy you) :3

Just because you did the ‘cute face’ at the end of that doesn’t take the sting out of your statement.  Nor will the ‘cute face’ fix the sting of the pepper hiding behind the link.

Spicy Fox


Mmmmm Thai Food!

Try Ethiopian.  Get the Kitfo.  Ask for it HOT.  Then go get some Thai food to cool your mouth down.



OK, yesterday was Spirit Day.  On this day you wear purple to bring awareness to the bullying of queer teens and how it must stop.  I only had one problem with this…I, like my roomies, more than half my friends, and apparently the entire Scarborough Town Centre at lunchtime (I was there…I saw it…) didn’t get the memo.  I live under a rock, yes, but I shouldn’t be so far out of the loop that it wasn’t even mentioned by folks in my Twitter or Facebook feed until the day of!

…at which point I also realized I don’t own anything purple.  It’s a weird colour.  It requires MUCH planning.  Please, lets give more than -5 hours notice next time??

Stallion of the Cimarron

I’m not disappointed…I’m just angry.

Lawrence ‘Herkie’ Herkimer

You know…we didn’t have cheerleaders at my school.  At least…none that I can remember…which must mean we didn’t have them!  We didn’t have a hockey or football team either.  Our basketball team once didn’t place last in our division, you know!  And I won MVP on the badminton team!  I’m athletic, yo!

The Spirit

…bad movie!

An old NES game: Spiritual Warfare, AKA The Legend of Jesus

…awesome game! Well, it would be awesome if playing it didn’t ’cause me to burst into flame!

Spirit Fingers

The best way to play off a scene…

And as I dance off stage…WITHOUT the aid of a hook, I assure you, we close off this Triple Whammy.  You can help avoid these blogs by joining in weekday mornings @Potoroo and offering a word…or link…or video…or short story (we haven’t gotten one of those yet, and no, I probably won’t post it as a reply) to whatever word I shout out!  Please remember to tag your entries with #tword so it’s less likely they get lost in the shuffle.  Adieu!

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USE: Thursday, October 14th 2010

Another mini-blog for y’all to digest!  USE this as an opportunity to entertain yourself!  USE IT!!!

Fair Use

Bah…you stole that association, didn’t you!  I hope you paid for the license…

Sidenote: I remember looking into getting the rights to record a cover of one of my favourite Sparklehorse songs, and it was like…$80 to sell 1000 CDs or less.  I thought it was a LOT more!

The More You Know

#tword me any way you want to


Video Fun Time!

Nice one!  Good band!  Oh, here’s another good band:

There…I just USED you for shameless self promotion!  Sometimes I associate too!!!

The next one requires a bit of lead in.  You see, yesterday I had to go out on a bike…and it was cold…and raining.  Someone tweeted this in response to my tweet about my situation:

USE an umbrella and raincoat!

Situational Associating!  I love it!

Sidenote: Twitter is weird!  I mean, it’s basically for micro-blogging, and blogging can be everything from well-written opinion, intellectual wanking, vain self-interest, advertisement.  It’s neat that people can do ALL this in 140 characters…but honestly…why should anyone care that I have to bike in the cold and the rain?  It doesn’t MATTER!  Cause it’s Twitter!  I’m done now.

Some of them want to use you / Some of them want to be used by you

Another awesome band!  A former roomie had an Annie Lennox pic on her wall.  I remember when ‘No More I Love Yous‘ came out…what a weird video.  And now Nicki Minaj is on the Annie Lennox bandwagon!  …just thought I’d share.

I will end today’s blog with a mega-association!  3…2…1…

The Used, Useability, Useage, Potoroo is accused of being awesome, I bet sometimes potoroo gets confused by our answers, Reused

And now, my response: Awesome band, is that a word?, I don’t get much useage out of my computer since it’s broken, no one has ever accused me of that, I am often confused by answers, and didn’t you use that one already? PUN!

I’m done, yo!  Join me weekdays @Potoroo and USE my words anyway you like…I will try to make them useable…useability…hmm…

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GROSS: Wednesday, October 13th 2010

It turned out that MAKE was crappy. So I figured…hey, Roo, why not choose a really descriptive word!  Something that can evoke very strong associations, from humorous to visceral to downright bizarre!  How could it possibly go wrong if I choose the word GROSS??


Our previous award winner for being morbid kicks it off in style!  THE STYLE AWARD FOR ASSOCIATION GREATNESS is awarded to you, sir.  It is closely related to the ‘classy’ award…perhaps you can win that tomorrow!


I love the term ‘Gross’ and it’s other applications, such as legal and accounting.  It’s also a German last name!  S’truth!  In high school there was a girl who’s last name was, I kid you not, GROSSE!  Her introduction into our small-town world was our art teacher, Mrs. Kirby (who rocked by the way) saying aloud “Is there a student who’s last name is Gross?”  Kudos!


Is that actually a thing I could have studied in school?  Screw theatre, I could have been a grossologist?!?!?

288! No wait, even for me that’s too gross…

…dear christ, sir…I read that twice, Wikipedia’d it…I Googled, Asked Jeeves, and travelled back in time to Alta Vista.  In this age of technological solutions sometimes I forget to just…think.  Yes…it is ‘too gross‘.



Look at this...remember's a representation of how slow I am...


“1,728 of something is called a great gross.”

Which, by the way, is awesome…I always thought a great gross would be witnessing someone sneeze huge quantities of mucous out their nose while also vomiting and defecating uncontrollably at the same time…in a cheese factory.

Point Blank

Love it!  Favourite part of the movie?  Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez!


Benny The Jet...kick-ass fighter, bad ass dude...published author!


And that’s it for today! Another mini-blog!  Wanna make it bigger?  Simply follow @Potoroo on weekdays and I’ll throw out a word, you say the first thing that comes to mind!  EASY!

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MAKE: Tuesday, October 12th 2010

I love kitfo. I’m not sure if it loves me anymore.  But it’s like a big greasy pizza, or a tub or ice cream, or a giant burger…it’s SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD…even though odds are pretty high you’ll be feeling it most of the next day.  Regardless, I feel healthy and fully-proteined…just with a ball of fire in my stomach.

…MAKE!  I should get an award today…WORST…SEGWE…EVER…

…it happen.

I believe I will!  But what should I MAKE happen?


The most popular answer!  I wonder what’s on your minds!!!


Actually…considering how few distinct answers I got with this one…we are making haste!  I think MAKE was a bad word, not very inspiring!

Love is all around, no need to waste it; You can have a town, why don’t you take it; You’re gonna make it after all!

Not very inspiring at all…nopenope…maybe this was a big mistake…

#tword me a sammich!

…and now I’m getting ordered to do something.  ORDER OF THE DAY goes to you, kind sir.

Make you say Unnnh Unhhh na nana na nana na o/`

Now I’m just confused…who’s making me say this now?

“Make” —> “Mele Kalikimaka!”

You’re all going insane, I tell you.  It must be this word…the word drives people crazy because of it’s active nature!  It’s something that happens, usually forcing you to be a part of it, for better or worse, it brings into existence things that obviously are best left untouched!  WHY didn’t I think of this before I chose the word!?  WHY!?!??  THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!!

…and ‘scene.’

Thank you for joining in! Be sure to show up weekday mornings…or afternoons…depending on when the word comes to me…and follow @Potoroo to join in the fun! Tell your friends, tell your Romans, and tell your countrymen to join in too, it’s starting to get lonely in the Twitterverse!!  If you’re a masochist there are two other blogs you can check out, the soon-to-be more streamlined music blog Under The Pink and the currently-less-inactive Imaginary Campfire which focuses on event planning, convention organizing, occasional Camp Feral announcements and weird stuff like that!  Fun?  You bet!

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FAIR: Monday, October 11th 2010

A mini-blog!  Looks like Columbus Day and Thanksgiving were popular this year!  The word I chose was FAIR because I was at the Erin Fall Fair this past weekend…



The Mayor, The Cake, The Fair...HUZZAH!


Let’s see what you came up with!

Life’s not #tword

I know…another silly word game.  At least I didn’t show you the picture I found of the kid eating ice cream…WHY DOES EVERY FAIR HAVE KIDS EATING ICE CREAM!?!  CAN’T IT STOP FOR ONE COCKADOODIE FAIR?!?

it simply not fair to cook and smell a turkey all day!

This year I actually didn’t cook the meal.  Now…I believe it was 2008…I cooked the Canadian Thanksgiving dinner in Erin…AND I was in charge of the American Thanksgiving dinner in Oklahoma!  Crazy times, I tell ya!

Arrrre ya goin’ to Scarborough #TWORD

No, but I drove through Scarborough during Thanksgiving, and I must say…that place is much less bullety than people make it out to be!  But here comes a hail of association-bullets in 3…2…1…

Fair game, lets all go to the fair!, all is fair in love and war, ren faire (medievil times wee)

Why is all fair in love and war?  So, you’re telling me, that if I love someone I can bayonette them?  And if I’m at war I can make out with the opposing army?  Cause I will, dammit!


I’m offering the award for this one, in part because I was actually at a midway this past weekend, also in part because I can never recall ever winning anything at a midway so I figure someone should walk away with a prize.  THE UNCARNY-LIKE AWARD OF MIDWAY-STATEMENT PROFICIENCY.

“i want to dance all night, i want to dance all night…” #tword

As do I!  …what does this have to do with the fair? 😉

As I said…a mini-blog!  To make the blogs bigger please remember to follow @Potoroo and on weekdays I’ll surprise you with a word (…it used to be a 10 am thing…now it’s a…when I find myself with a word thing!)  I’ll say a word, you’ll say one back, we’ll have a lot of fun, it’ll be great, I promise, no cheats, it’ll rock.

And now, without further ado…a child kissing a cow’s head in Erin! this weird or is it cute, I can't tell...


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I need to find that happy medium, between being busy and having nothing to do.  When I have nothing to do I don’t do anything…when I’m too busy I don’t have time to do anything else. Last week, I had nothing to do and so I watched a lot of old Mythbusters shows I’d seen before, cleaned the house, did the dishes, puttered around…and  missed three blogs in that spare time.

Honestly…I work best when I’ve got other work to do.

My goal this week: Five Days, Five Blogs.  Hold me to it!

Today, though, a TRIPLE WHAMMY!  We will begin with last Wednesday’s UP, followed by last Thursday’s AWAY, and end with Friday’s DREAM!



Off to a good start!  Though, it’s Autumn so I see more squirrels down than up these days…looking for whatever the hell it is they find in my front lawn that they’re always searching for…oh crap…MY GOLD!

“UP” —> “AND UP!”

I am not on the up and up…if that’s what you meant.  Unless you’re talking about a balloon that goes up and up…until it pops.  OH!  I know what you’re talking about…Justin Bieber!  That kid just keeps going up and up!  To The Stars, JB!  Oh shit…mad rush in 3…2…1…

Sup G?, Superman!, Up! (The Movie), Campbells Soup Mmm Mmm Good, Super Duper!, Up Up and Away!, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Stiff Upper Lip, Tupperware, cup, Pup (Awww)

…Campbell’s Soup?!?  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? 😉  I think those two were stretches…how did you get the soup one?!  Methinks someone was eating it at the time!

At this point I’ll note…Up, the movie, was brought up several times…in each case, about how sad it was…who knew that someone could take such a positive word (Up) and make it feel so…(Down)

Up, down, side to side.

WHEE!  We’re dancing!

#tword side #tword front #tword back

…are we still dancing?!?

Get UP! Get UP! You’re gonna be late for work again… 😛

HAH HAH!  I don’t have work 😉


CUTE IMAGE ENTRY OF THE FOREVER! Quite an award!  Kudos! (I would embed it but it seems to break when I try! Likely requires a FurAffinity account…which most of you probably have…nerds…)

Me: Man, it smells like up dog in here. Other person: What’s up dog?

Why you goin’ all smellin’ dog like, here?!? Did you actually smell like dog…or is the other person a jerk?

up in the stars above.

…there is dark matter which threatens us all…and on that happy note…


take me away from it all!

…alright…where do you want to go?

Come Sail Away Come Sail Away Come Sail Away with me you guys!

…but where are we sailing?

Up, up, and away!

First off…clever use of two days’ Twords in succession!  Secondly…sail up?!?

I’m sick and cranky, I’m going with “go. As in ” go away.”

OH?! Now you want me to go away? Make up your mind!

Away, from the PEI dictionary: Any place that is not Prince Edward Island. Yeah… they’re a little insular there.

I suppose we can sail…up…to PEI…without me…weird…

I ran so far awayyyy gotta get away!

Now we’re running?!?  And dude, your hair…it looks insane!

“Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie land!”

…OK…I’m going away, but we’re also sailing up to PEI…via the Southern US…while not looking where we’re going???

Love will find #tword 😉

I hope so, ’cause so far I have no clue how we’re gonna pull this off.

Red Shirt! *ohnoes*

Oh…that’s the problem…you’re a NERD!!! 😉

I’m far and away from a new job.

I think I’ll be looking for a new job soon, ’cause this thing is driving me batty!

They’re coming to take me away! HaHa They’re coming to take me away! HoHoHeHeHaHa To the funny farm…

Totally with ya, bud…

*has fleededed!!!!!* :3

This wasn’t actually an entry, but I like his use of ‘Fleeded’ as it was just before I was taking him AWAY from work 😉

Two down, one to go…are you ready to…


I’m gonna start by making myself very unpopular…I should qualify this by saying that I thought the first half of the first season was entertaining…however, I received about four associations this week referring to the show Glee.  I acknowledge them as being accurate associations…but I likely won’t include YouTube embeds if they refer to musicals…’cause musicals are my ‘fingernails on a blackboard.’  Please don’t judge me…

Cast. (inb4 @draconum)

NERD!  Gah…I’m mean today!


I try, buddy…but I find big dreams usually require big wallets!  And, it might shock you all to know that I don’t paid to do this…what…it doesn’t shock you?  oh…

Dreamsong, cutest #spottycat of them all! =^.^=


#tword on. 😀

I try, buddy…but I find dreams that go on are actually ‘comas.’

Dream. It makes me think of Dream. Also Desire, Delirium, Despair, Destiny, Destruction, and Death. Yay Neil Gaiman!

…NNN….NNERRRRR…ddd…goood…good association…*gasp*

Dreams mean so much to me. But my biggest association was the dream where I was the worst US president EVER. Best dream I ever had.

Dream big and dream on, buddy!  Who woulda thought that someone’s favourite dream would be the one where they screwed up a country!!

#tword a little #tword of me 😉

Some people associate this with Glee…I associate it with Corey Feldman…many others probably think of the old fashioned song.  I think mine rocks harder.


Corey childhood idol...


“Dream” —> “Color or Monochrome?”

Colour, of course!  Pink!  Everything is varying shades of pink…not your boring monochrome…sheesh!

And that’s it…the first, and hopefully last, Triple Whammy!  To encourage me to not do this anymore simply go to @Potoroo and say a word when I give you one!  Please remember to tag your replies with #tword so they don’t get lost in the shuffle, or even use #tword to replace the tword when your word includes the tword…erm…yah, that made sense right?

Peace, love, all that jazz!

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WORK: Tuesday, October 5th 2010

Heya folks.  As punishment for the last weekend, and this week…I have decided, rather than avoiding responsibility, I will WORK while drunk. I am currently drunk.  This picture personifies my current state:

As in…I’m confused as to how I found this picture when I actually wanted to find a completely ‘different’ picture…cause I’m drunk! That’s right…this is a blrunkog.  It has been unearthed. A thing of mystery…NO MORE! Hometown Tales!* You don’t have to chase me down anymore.  I’M RIGHT HERE!

….that ass

MIND…GUTTER! Work is not for such things, it is for productivity, not play! SACHET! AWAY!

#tword it gurl! Do a twirl! Youuuuu bettah #TWORRRRD


Especially thanks to your awesome reference.  As you can see, you won an award.  I love RuPaul. Although I’ve never been into the drag scene, RuPaul was accepted at my school despite the fact that it was a very homophobic environment…YOU BETTER WORK was an acceptable song to dance to at the dance.  ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ was somehow cool in University.  And now, years later, Drag Race is a source of…much more education than I would have thought! Go RuPaul! Love ya! eleganza extravaganza!

Meh, I’d rather bang on the drum all day.

Dude…good reference.  You know, someone told me that Todd Rundgren was a god of music and I DIDN’T BELIEVE THEM!  Till I realized he produced one of my favourite and most musically inspirational albums!

You people and your video entries these days! Good choice, though…I always love Missy when I’m…getting my freak on…yah!

…that means doing something bizarre, right?

#tword it!

Good use of the hashtag, which of course can be used to identify your association at the end of the word or statement, or as a replacement of the daily word in your personal association (shameless plug…complete)…I give you a cookie. 🙂

Damn you infernal contraption! Work I say!

This makes me think of Dexter’s Laboratory but…not as well!  This makes you a nerd…but also makes me a nerd…for acknowledging this connection which may not even be accurate…I’M NOT A NERD!

Work = inventory

FUNNY STORY! I’ve been involved in two jobs where inventory was part of my job description…well…never brought up, but something I apparently had to do.  One was at a coffee shop, and was easy.  The other…a CD store.  Literally, we started ‘one hour’ after closing time, and if we worked hard, we were done by an hour before OPENING!  It was a big new and used CD mom and pop shop.  I did inventory three times.  One stands out, though: we stayed up late and played LOUD music ’cause we had a neat benefit in that we could open ANY CD we wanted, listen to it, and then shrink wrap it.  It’s like a candy store…a candy store of sound

Regardless…there was a noise complaint…and two cops showed up to see what was up.  The ‘talky’ one told us we should turn it down.  The ‘other’ one…was grooving in the background.  The ‘talky’ one was obviously also aware that a bit of noise, when it is AWESOME MUSIC, is alright on a late Saturday night.

We never turned the volume down.


Work load, Workaholic (I think Potoroo might be one of these), Workout, Out of Work (Which was the two towns in my area for 1 yr), Workopolis, Everybody’s working for the weekend! o/`, Over Worked

My Response: Don’t have one, am one when I have something to do (Feral counts, as do unpaid internships), I really need to get back into one cause in 2008 I was buff but now I’m not, I am currently this, I go to this place but it has NOTHING for me because I’m not a WELDER, I remember doing this but a) it’s no longer the 80’s and b) I’m unemployed, and finally…why is it that I’m this when I’m spending most of my time at home doing nothing?!?

If you followed that ramble…here’s a cookie.

“WORK” —> “IT GURL!!!”

I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t.

Get back to work!

But I swear it’s time to punch out!  Honestly, the weirdest thing ever is that feeling that work is about to finish…and then…it becomes BUSIER THAN IT HAS BEEN ALL DAY!  This is something that can only be understood by those in the food service or retail industry.  Most jobs have an end point…most jobs have a time where you wind down and then *poof* you’re done!

In food service…and retail…you wind down and then…EVERYONE REALIZES THEY WANT WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER!  The times I’ve found myself closing at 6:30 pm…and then swamped at 6:55 pm are ridiculous…especially when you consider that I was supposed to be closed by 7:00 pm!  Going back to work at the time when you mentally accepted that work was over is HARD!  But I learned how…

…I learned to accept.  The most peaceful thing a server can do…is accept that, although you thought work was over…it has actually just begun…and work until you are finished pleasing customers.

It’s…strangely fulfilling!

#tword is over for the day! 🙂

THAT IT IS!  Thank you for the concluding association, and that is it!  And it’s late.  And…the world spins in neat and interestingly non-linear ways. Wanna spin with a hungover me?  That’ll happen tomorrow at 10 ish @Potoroo…I’ll say a word, you say an association, DONE!

*Hometown Tales is a totally amazing Podcast I recommend. I’ve been listening to it, in reverse order, for close to two years now, and it progressively gets awesomer.  I highly suggest this approach…for listening to an established show, run by passionate guys, in reverse order, means that you feel the build up IN REVERSE!  For example…I’ve NEVER heard the story of Mike, The Headless Chicken…but I’ve felt the anticipation about the story about Mike the Headless Chicken for years!  Do it…you’ll thank me!

And…I end with this:

…hey…hurdy gurdy man…you’re messed! I’m too drunk for this!

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WAIT: Monday, October 4th 2010

Yes…in the irony of ironies I made you WAIT.  I think this’ll be the pattern, though…throw out a word, let people fizzle with it for a bit, and the next day I’ll pop up a blog of answers.  That whole ‘Same Day, Same Afternoon’ stuff is just not practical…but then again, to my grandfather I’m pretty sure playing kids games with people around the world through the phone lines wasn’t practical either.

Sidenote…Grandma and Grandpa used to live in Utoph, a hamlet that doesn’t exist anymore near Orillia, Ontario.  Just thought I’d say that…since, in the grand scheme, I’m pretty sure no one has said the word Utoph on the internet in awhile.  You learn something new everyday!  NOW!  WORDS!


Wait, what? I was a waiter! Weally!  That term is horrible, hence why many prefer ‘server.’  A server ‘serves’ you which is positive.  A waiter makes you WAIT!  The more answers I got, the more I realized that ‘wait’ isn’t really a verb…it’s more of a…sputtering order…and if it’s not an order, it’s not very positive!

…put more lube on…


Wait! I got a good one! no…no I don’t…

WAIT seems to be to polite conversation what STOP is to a police outrunning an outlaw.  It certainly does mean: ‘stay in one place and anticipate or expect something.’ Even if I’m doing something else, the word ‘WAIT’ forces me to stay in one place, at least mentally!

I Waited for you and you left me hanging ;_;

And there’s the negative. ‘Staying in one place’ means that you ‘expect something’ at the end.  If it doesn’t happen, ‘WAIT’ becomes pretty shitty.

not a valid safe word


Very…very nice sir.  I’d say THE MOST RELEVANT VISUAL ANSWER TO DATE! Well, maybe not the most ‘relevant.’  The cutest…d’awwwwwwww…

Hey WAIT a minute Mr. Postman! #fishdresses

Waiting for a letter or package is probably one of the few anticipatory pleasures we have left these days.  What with e-mail, easy Christmas-gift stalking, and fast food I applaud the postal service…for being so slow…at delivering us physical goods.


GAH!  Ok…


#tword for me!

Are you my turn?  …no?  Well, get in line…it appears we’re waiting.

Sorry to take so long to come up with an association… I was waiting for a good one.

And this was it, I suppose???

“WAIT” —> “WHAT?”

My thoughts exactly.  Just what is this all about…and why?  And who?!?  Did my turn come yet?  No?  Who are you?  …OK, I’m budding in line…here’s my turn!!

While I was waiting for all your answers…CHECK DIS OUT, BOYZ! Yah, I got the Jann Arden love.

…erm, as you can see, I’m not very good at this…which is why I am the association-master and not the association-…associator.

I’m done!  This is it! No more waiting for the end!  @Potoroo to join in the fun, weekdays, generally morning, and PLEASE #tword your answers so I can track ’em!  Love, Peace, Gone!

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Double Whammy! DRUNK and SCARY!

Heyas! My middle name is now ‘Lazy.’  Or was it ‘Forgetful?’  I forget…and I’m too lazy to look it up, hence why today’s blog is an amalgam of the two I missed last week!  Don’t worry, though…the two I missed had very few entries, probably because it was the end of the week and people were excited about the weekend!  That’s when they can get DRUNK…and after a weekend of getting drunk, it can be SCARY!

Let’s start with Thursday, September 30th…and DRUNK!


I couldn’t imagine how surreal it would be to bump into a drunk duck.  Like…a small…drunk goose…with a dog mask on.

school makes me want to be #tword

Actually, my best bud @Jakolf first pointed out to me the potential use of the tword hashtag as a ‘word replacement,’ as used here.  I encourage people to use this if a word is not the association, but instead a sentence which uses the word.  It makes it more…associationy!


What are you drinking?!?  I mean…I had no regret this past weekend, and I drank…oh God…I drank SOOOO much…why *sniffle* why did I drink so much *sniffle*

Drunk… WITH POWER! Aahahahaahahahahaahahahahahh!

Ah, but what KIND of power?  I am often drunk with ‘moderate’ power.


…I’m glad this isn’t a family-friendly blog.  I would have also accepted ‘Too Drunk To #tword” and that would have been worthy of an award.  Actually…is this the first F-Bomb?  Well!  You win the HALF AWARD FOR FIRST F-BOMB!  It’s a half award because I need to save the other half for the second ‘Double Whammy’ blog entry!


Hooooo-eeeee…did I have some of them this weekend!

that’s better than HANGOVER 😉

Agreed!  Want proof?  The reason why it’s Monday and I’m finishing Thursday’s blog is 100% for this reason!

Bitch. (Man, I’m just thinking of high school. All the drunk kids at school were bitches until they found pot.)

I didn’t drink in high school.  I pretty much didn’t drink in University!  And I never saw the kids who found pot…cause they just stopped coming to school usually!

AND THAT’S IT FOR DRUNK!  Shall we get SCARY!?!??

#tword mutha fucka!

Crazy!  Two potty mouths in two days!  I wonder if this’ll be common!  And another great use of the #tword tag!  Spread it around!  Berate your fellow associators for not #tword -ing at the end of an association, or at least using #tword to replace the word in a sentence!  LET’S GET VIOLENT!

Richard Scarry

By far the SECOND HALF AWARD AND FIRST SECOND HALF AWARD EVER AWARDED AWARD for this cool association!  Love it!

CLOWNS. @____@;;

Misused…save Clowns for ‘TERRIFYING” when it becomes word of the day!  And they are still associated, somehow, with the happiness of children?  Isn’t this the 21st century?  MIMES are cooler!


I’m trying to think what noises scare me.  I think…the scariest noises in the world…all come from clowns.  And children.

Abandoned puppies next to an erupting volcano! That is my response for the scary #tword! D:

Something tells me for that to happen someone would have to be REALLY DRUNK!  …or a clown.

And now…for the final entry…when I was a child I was SOOO scared of this I couldn’t watch even though I watched the movie itself dozens and dozens of times.  As an adult, I still look away and have only seen the image ONCE in my life…that first time when I first became terrified…of Large Marge…my gift to you:

And that does it for today!  Again, follow @Potoroo and on weekday mornings, around 10 am ish unless I’m DRUNK or HUNGOVER or SCARY, you can associate a word!  Please remember to tag ’em with #tword and to tell your friends about it when they’re confused by your single-word utterations!  Peace!

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CAN: Wednesday, September 29th 2010

I was feeling under the weather this week, so I figured ‘Hey, why not drink copious amounts of alcohol!’  And I did that.  And that’s why it’s Thursday and I’m putting up Wednesday’s blog late.  But if anyone CAN do that…I CAN!!!

You can can, oh you can can can. You can can can; you can do it.

Lemme guess…I’m the best?  Around?  Will there be anything that could possibly get me down?  How positive! Funny thing is…yesterday…I couldn’t!

Can-do attitude!

Again…today and yesterday it was more of a ‘can’t’ do attitude, but that’s negativity, and we won’t stand for that, will we!

Can Can (x3)

STUTTERER!  Kidding…A very popular answer…it’s it odd that so many of us from the youngest to oldest have knowledge of dances our grandparents probably didn’t even dance?  Honestly…how many of you people do the Charleston?

-of peas

why peas?!  Anecdote: a professor in University once let us in on her comfort food, which was a can of creamed corn…that is, open the can, take a spoon, dig in.  Honestly…we were all VERY confused, as was she, as I think she felt this was normal.

It isn’t.


Considering I’m hungover at 4:30, and today’s word is ‘Drunk’ this is both a good association and a bad one.  At least I didn’t puke…we aren’t allowed to puke in the house unless it’s Friday…and when you do you must spend the rest of the night with a stuffed deer named ‘Pukey.’  God’s truth.


Why be so violent?  Why?  Oh…crap…multi-association in 3…2…1…

Canadian Tire, Big Cans, Can We Do It! Yes we Can!, Vancouver Canucks, Can’t, Can you take me higher

Only person to associate Canadianness…I love Canadian Tire money…

Cannon Ball Run

Ah, classic comedy that has that ‘hint’ of being offensive now.  Anyone seen ‘They Call Me Bruce’ recently?

KANKERI! :3 time to start my obscure reference answers. y’know the drill. Wiki it!

This is an anime thing…isn’t it…wait for it…waiiiitttt forrrrr iiiiitttt…NERD!

Cantankerous cankles!

You get an award…UNACCEPTABLE ANSWER OF THE DAY! It’s not that I’m disallowing it…it’s that the visual you gave me was unacceptable.  Remember, people, I have to read and THINK about your answers 😉

of Nestea.. mmm

I like this one…a lot…because it’s so specific and also something I’ve never really heard anyone say!  I mean…you will regularly hear a person verbally drool over cans of beer…cans of coke…hell, even cans of weird shit like chili or beefaroni…Can of Nestea tells me a lot about yourself!

i CAN add a #tword to this reply. 😉

Nice!  Yes, I am slowly incorporating a #tword hashtag…both so I can more easily seek answers, and if you are curious about answers you can search for it as well!  It has the added bonus that when I’m rich and famous we can make it a trend!  YES!  A TREND!

“We can do it!” – Rosie the Riveter (I just happened to be wearing my Nintendo Rosie shirt today!)

I wonder if…every morning…during the campaign…Barack Obama woke up and did that ‘two finger-kiss-touch’ thing to a Rosie poster.  The image makes me feel better about the world.


And it seems that I did!

Thank you all for your patience, kind words, and occasional smackdowns.  Thursday’s word will be up either later tonight or…tomorrow morning…I’m not good with this ‘time’ thing.

If you wanna join in, follow @Potoroo and gimme an association…generally around 10 ish…12 ish if I’m hungover.

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