The Word of the Day is…Inactive

Hey all!  I’d love to get working on this blog again, maybe this summer, but for now I don’t have the time to keep it up!  Sad eh?  Ask people for funny word associations, blog about it, easy and quick!

Again, I don’t want this to end cause it’s fun, but I need to get life on track first!

If you’re bored, check out my main blog, Under the Pink, which focuses on music and the music industry but touches on random thoughts as well!  You can, as well, follow me on Twitter @Potoroo if you like!

❤ to all!

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BEST and WORST: February 15-16th 2011

Let’s mash the opposites, shall we??  Tell me, Tworders…what is ‘best’?

Best Western

Really?  They aren’t paying me you know.  Besides…I always kinda preferred the Doubletree…*palms out to Paris Hilton*


Awwww, besties rock!  BFFs too…BFWBs also.  SBFWBs are my favourites though.

Best Wishes

Wishing wells are fine in fairy tales, but they have no business here!  Name that song!  Name it!

Best in Show

It’s probably good I don’t judge those competitions.  “Ok…cool, little dog, little dog, little dog, COLLIE, winner, don’t need to see anymore, screw off, I don’t care, your dog sucks…”

Simply the Best, Better than All The Rest

I remember when this was on Video Hits…I wondered why Tina was cool with being compared to a horse…no offense to horses, but the human equivalents either refer to large endowments or ugly faces…I’m not sure if Tina would like an association with either.

You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna keep you down!

I have cited that song TWICE now in this blog.  You people are obsessed!  What could possibly be WORST!…

…I know it’s bad grammar, I just needed a…you know…segue or…whatever…

being lead on by a cute & interesting guy you’re into then being ignored even though you both agreed to hang out more.

Man, that is the worst!  That guy is a total douchebag *handed a note* …oh…next!

Worst Draft Pick

I’m so out of the sports loop I have no clue who’s even popular anymore…this Sidney…person…scores a lot of…touchdown baskets, right?

Sausage! Look it up, it’s German! Wurst!

Oh…I know a LOT about sausage, trust me.  I LOVE sausage.  I’m all about sausage.

…like bratwurst and stuff…what were you thinking???

Canada’s Worst Driver

Five years ago, I apparently was considered the best driver in my house.  I’d say I’m probably last…and one person in the house drives an e-bike…and the other doesn’t have a car right now!  It’s sad how we fall apart.

I pulled out FRUSTRATING first. Reached in and found the word WORST….’cuz I’d unpacked my adjectives. #schoolhouserock

THE COOL REFERENCE AWARD goes to you!  Though my favourite Schoolhouse Rock episode wasn’t even from the show…

Anywhoo, that’s it for today!  Tell your friends, let’s get the association numbers up!  Check out@TwordAss to play!


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LOVE: Monday, February 14 2011

It will eventually all make sense...

It was that day where everything is pink and I keep forgetting it has something to do with heterosexual love and chocolates…I chose LOVE because I LOVE all the pink!  But apparently it was also ‘Buy me flowers’ day so I guess it still fits.

I went to a Brazilian Rodizio last night for V’tines.  Had ‘all you can eat’ appetizers, followed by eating meat constantly being brought to my table on big swords by cute Brazilian men.  Eventually scantily clad women danced for everyone (else), but some capoeira dudes came out to give me a show afterwards, so it was all groovy.  I highly suggest everyone hit a Brazilian steakhouse sometime…all you can eat meat rocks!

I LOVE meat.  What do you love?

Love Today! Yay, Mika!

You love music by men with no testicles!  Well, I guess he has ‘one’ to hit the low notes…but I think he removes it.  Which confuses me, because I’m ‘pretty’ sure Freddy Mercury was fully equipped, likely with one or two extra, yet he could hit the high not.  OMG…MIKA IS FREDDY MERCURY’S LOVE CHILD!…wait, how does that work…


If you ever get the chance, see the B-52’s in concert.  I saw them for the ‘Good Stuff’ tour…Violent Femmes opened for them.  Fricken’ amazing! Wait…what’s that?  ANOTHER B-52’s entry?!

LOVE in the Year 3000

Holy crapola!  You both win the DOUBLE B-52 AWARD OF HONOUR AND GOODNESS!

Love & Rockets

Ah yes…the band that taught me that most musicians are musicians…not the characters they play.  All I really remember of them is ‘So Alive’ though…very musicky today, guys!

Looks like we have time for one more…

reminds me of Ma-ti from Capt.Planet. a.k.a. the one w/ the most useless power. what, is he gonna hug the pollution away?!

Hey!  He has heart!  He can…talk to Gaia…and…he has rainforest powers that…let him…


That’s it for today!  Join in the fun weekday mornings @TwordAss…I tweet a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind, even if it hurts the feelings of a small Kayapo child who just wants to spread mystical planet-love!!!

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Double Whammy: HERE and LIFE!

As with all comebacks there are growing pains.  Some days I get 20 entries…others I get five.  When I get a small chunk I usually prefer to mash ’em with another small batch.  Normally I try to get them out before the weekend, but this weekend I was lazy and complacent.  So here you go!  Last Thursday and Friday’s associations:


“Here I come to save the day!”

Vintage Mighty Mouse...yah, he wasn't on ANYTHING...NOTHING at all...SURE!

Get over HERE!

Everyone’s favourite hook-wielding, masked murderer’s favourite line!  People used to say that on the basketball courts in my home town and pretend to throw a hook.  We used to call it ‘Shooting hoops.’  We were all very white and lame.  I should have realized how bad it sounded from the get-go.


I kinda wish there were still town criers…just at major intersections.  But not with bells.  With vuvuzelas.  And they should sell chocolate bars.  My world is an awesome world.

Here comes the bride all dressed in white

I have been a groomsman at a straight wedding, and a best man at a gay wedding.  My personal opinion: I never want to put anyone through that…KIDDING!  Being Best Man was alright though I didn’t know what to do, so I stood awkwardly with my hands at my side and checked out the grooms butt the whole time.  Just seemed…right.


I don’t know!  Now I’m confused!

Here comes sally!

Who the hell is Sally and what does she want?  I can honestly say…I don’t think I’ve ever known a Sally.  Are Sally’s alright?  Am I missing out?



I’d like to take one and it’s…phone a friend. *phones*  They hung up on me… *cries*

Life’s a bitch then you die

You’re tellin’ me!  Bitch just hung up on me!

The Game of Life

Ah yes…I always made my couples gay.  It made sense.  They look like penises anyways.

Marvin the paranoid android (don’t talk to him about it)

Wanna hear how bad a nerd I am…I don’t get this reference.  I think of Marvin the Martian…or Radiohead’s Paranoid Android…but I’m lost!  THE STUMP ME AWARD goes to you!

Eternal Life

Used to think I wanted it…but considering how much time I spend staring at the wall in my busy life…I couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be to do that for decades!

It’s a Hard Knock Life

It certainly is.  It’s also a hard knock horrible song!

Life worth living!

Is it??  Is it?  I question your logic!


Pretty much…that is a good definition of life, but do you have to be dead to become undead?  Aren’t we all, by definition, undead?

The LIFE of the wife is ended by the knife.

A cute way to stop kids from having a speech impediment AND lead them to a life of crime!  It’s like “The thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.”  What’s with death and lisps?


Undead then Afterlife?  What’s after after life?  Unlife?  I don’t get it!!

That’s it for the end of last week!  @TwordAss is where to be if you wanna join in!  If you have any comments, complaints, queries or concerns…comment!!

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Who would’ve thunk that MOIST would be such an unpopular subject!  Actually, I got the suggestion from a friend who was visiting yesterday.  Clearly I should stop asking people for word ideas!  MOIST: the word that makes the mom from Dead Like Me cringe…also…

But what do you…the viewers at home think?

Moist and Chewy

Always with the food!  If I were to associate a word with your associated response to my first word, my word would be ‘Granola Bar.’  At least, the good ones.


And there we go.  There’s something…gross about the word moist, eh?  And something gross about words you associate with the word moist.  When I think of wiping something moist I can’t help but…shudder.


There it is again!  The word ‘moisten’ is almost worse than the word ‘moist’ itself!  What does it mean to moisten?!  It’s somewhere between being dry, and being wet, and for some reason I can’t help but picture it involving a tongue.


…I love you guys.  You never cease to amaze me.


When you need one they never have one…when you don’t need one you get one, am I right??! Last time I got a moist towelette was at a sushi place.  Honestly…if I were eating the sushi with my fingers, wouldn’t I be insulting like…the NATION of Japan??

David Usher

Kudos! CANADIAN MUSICIAN AWARD goes to you, though I have to wonder…Mr. Usher…why did you choose the name Moist for your band?


It looks like he's singing...but he doesn't look that moist!


Lynda Carter pitching “Moisture Whip” lipstick by Maybelline on TV back in the day.

Maybe she was born with it?  What is a moisture whip?!  Was she whipping her lips into shape?  Did they choose ‘Whip’ because she was wonder woman?  Did a marketer sit down with Maybelline and say “Alright…the problem here is women have dry lips…we have secured Lynda Carter for our next campaign…and Wonder Woman has a whip…so…logic states…”

I’m done!  I’ll never choose a word like this again!!

Join in the fun @TwordAss weekdays starting around 11 am!

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FAST: Tuesday, February 8th 2011


In honour of the passing of the toughest fuckin’ chick ever to be on the screen…yah, I think she’d kick Ripley, Aeon Flux, and whatever other bad ass you could name to the curb and laugh while doing it…today’s word is FAST…and if you don’t know why, just try her…oh yah, I forgot:

“I never try anything. I just do it. Like I don’t beat clocks. Just people. Wanna try me?”

Now…the right answer was this:

Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

But I forgive you for not catching that!  Just go watch the movie now!

I say FAST, you say…

Fast and Furious

…I find Vin Diesel hot….big time…I didn’t see this movie until long after it was released, but when I did…I loved Vin Diesel.


Oooh, trying to one up me, eh?  Yah!?  Well…FASTEREST!!!

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Don’t be so daft, you punk! …bad bad pun!

Fastest Lap

I had one of those once…ironically I didn’t run the 100m that well, but I ran the 200m like a champ!  Won the Wellington County Regionals!  …I think…I don’t remember moving on to provincials…weird.


Jackrabbits are sweet!  You know…these bizzitches made the associations but cheetahs didn’t!

Hand (take that one as you will)

I would think like a gunsling battle, or a magician, or that crazy ‘knifey finger’ game!  What were you thinking? 😉


We playin opposites? 😉  I was clarified that this is some…Animagotchi thing or something?  What the heck??!

Races (…like back in my swimming days)

Come to Feral!  The same guy has won the lake swim for five years…plus, you know you wanna…I know who you are. You win the COME TO FERAL AWARD. I’m evil!

Slow. ‘Cause shamefully, I’m not fast today

Did you have your coffee?  Your awesome awesome coffee??

Love! As in George Michael!

You talkin’ about a song or the person?  DIRTY!


I have a love/hate relationship with Fast Food…especially the TB.  Delicious…and evil!  DIRTY!


The Rhyming Association!  I witnessed this one happen.  Literally, he saw the word, paused, and then looked embarassed!


Fastest beat you, but you win ’cause it’s a movie reference too 😉

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

I’ll end on this one.  I tried to watch this movie…it moved…not so much.

And we end here.  Thank you for the awesome character, Tura, and I hope this blog directs even just one person to your flick and introduces them to your talent!

Join in weekday mornings @TwordAss!

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NEW: Monday, February 7th 2011

Annnnnnd…we’re back!  After a multi-month hiatus following another multi-month hiatus I figured let’s give it another shot.  Only this time, we have a new home: to play you follow @TwordAss on Twitter!  What an AWESOME name, right?? RIGHT??!

New Name, New Start, New Year, NEW word!  Today’s word, is…yup…NEW!!  Now, forgive me, it’s a little light today since things are…you know…NEW 😉


And by request:

I’ve heard of those things!  They have some sort of smell?  Apparently you get them if you’re successful!  When words start making money, I’ll look into it!


I never got this saying.  Turn over a new leaf?  I think of leaves as things on the ground…and if a leaf is on the ground it fell…and if it fell, it’s dying.  Turning it over is just kinda humiliating a dying thing that never got a chance to even change colours and be beautiful!

…am I being negative today or is it just me?


Yes, please!  I shouldn’t say that, my current job rocks!  It’s just that it’s an internship…which in the entertainment industry and in Canada generally means ‘no with the money.’  I speak kindly of this place, though…they are awesome and do help me out all the time! *big smile if he’s being watched…biiiiig…smiiiiile*


New televisions are like all new technology…new for a week!  The newest TV I’ve seen is the 3D TV, which me and my bud @Jakolf tested out a few months back in a local store.  This is what I learned about 3D TV…it’s like watching television through a glass with water in it.  Things weren’t jumping out at me…they were just hard to see!  If the 3D’s are Dumb, Disorienting and Deficient, YOU WIN!

Oh…we have a late entry?

The “NEW” filters at work mean I can no longer access Twitter there during the day. I need to find a “NEW” way to play Tword.

…you may need to buy a NEW phone…and you win the first award of 2011…the WORK SERIOUSLY DAMAGES MY CALM award.  Let’s hope that some day you can pass it on to someone else.

And that’s it!  To play, follow @TwordAss and reply when you see the word in the morning!

YumYum! Cya Tuesday!

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@TwordAss on Twitter!

We’re moving!  Maybe this will make it easier to control this mad beast!

Yup, if you want to play please start following @TwordAss on Twitter!

We’re also on Facebook!  Check us out here…we’ll have a fancier URL later!

Aiming for a Monday, February 7th Start!  Keep yer eye…on the sky!!!

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HIGH: Wednesday, November 24th 2010

OK…let’s try this bizzitch again.  Would it surprise you to know that, sometimes, I can take between a half hour to an hour to write this dorky blog??  To write faster would cut quality…and to cut quality would…waitafugginsecond, I take word associations and write commentary.  Is quality applicable?

Maybe I should just get HIGH!  …like, CN Tower, you know…when I’m high up I get scared and that makes me creative…what did you think I meant?

High five!

Back atcha!  I have a stuffed collie named High Five.  Here he is:

High Five, the collie, who is ‘awe…ssss….sssome…’


Kids today and their…magazines.  What??!  Yes, High Times…buying it must’ve been as awkward as buying porn in a small town.  I never bought anything in my hometown.  I was worried it would get back to my folks.  What if they found out I was drinking Jolt…SCANDAL!

o/` butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high take a look, it’s in a book it’s reading rainbow

My favourite episode was when Jordy threw the book at the kid and then banged his head against the wall screaming “I WAS IN ROOTS!  I WAS IN ROOTS!”

Jimi Hendrix

Good answer, you pass.  I would have also accepted Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, John Belushi, Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Farley…really anyone who got ‘too’ high.  By the same rules, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, and the Mini Pops…you know, druggies who are still alive.

Yo Dag! That’s some HIGH times! #tword *barkbark* Now time for bugs! #breakfast

That was confusing!  And someone already answered HIGH times!  Geez, are you hi…OHHHHHH!

Anyone knows an ant, can’t Move a rubber tree plant… But he’s got…Hiiiiiigh hopes!

I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

HIGH as a kite!

That one’s nice!  I mean…it’s about flying kites, and that’s wholesome!  Yah…yah…wholesome…

High.. …and reaching for stars.

I can’t tell if that’s positive reinforcement or…an order of actions.

Life is a highway and I wanna ride it all night long

I’m starting to realize that every song associated with the word HIGH is bad.

lighter… Using em at work all the damn time.

WHAT?! To get high on your lunch break? *whisperwhisperwhisper* …oh…my producer has told me you mean High-lighter…heh heh…AWARD FOR DEALING WITH ROO’S MINOR EXPLOSION

And that’s…it!  Heh heh, wheeeee!  So, if you wanna join in…and I have NO clue why you would…simply follow me @Potoroo and say a word when I say mine.  Woot woot!  Wut wut!?

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“Why?! Why do you leave us?!” – Associators

A quick message: I’m apologize from the depths of my heart that I keep disappearing.  It’s not that I don’t like you guys…it’s that life has become distracting.  It is true…I just say a word, and then collect answers into a silly blog, but sometimes I just want to lay down on the couch and sleep after my internship, and sometimes my brain just isn’t in an active state.

I will try to keep things up now that things are settling a bit more!

Still friends??

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