BEST and WORST: February 15-16th 2011

Let’s mash the opposites, shall we??  Tell me, Tworders…what is ‘best’?

Best Western

Really?  They aren’t paying me you know.  Besides…I always kinda preferred the Doubletree…*palms out to Paris Hilton*


Awwww, besties rock!  BFFs too…BFWBs also.  SBFWBs are my favourites though.

Best Wishes

Wishing wells are fine in fairy tales, but they have no business here!  Name that song!  Name it!

Best in Show

It’s probably good I don’t judge those competitions.  “Ok…cool, little dog, little dog, little dog, COLLIE, winner, don’t need to see anymore, screw off, I don’t care, your dog sucks…”

Simply the Best, Better than All The Rest

I remember when this was on Video Hits…I wondered why Tina was cool with being compared to a horse…no offense to horses, but the human equivalents either refer to large endowments or ugly faces…I’m not sure if Tina would like an association with either.

You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna keep you down!

I have cited that song TWICE now in this blog.  You people are obsessed!  What could possibly be WORST!…

…I know it’s bad grammar, I just needed a…you know…segue or…whatever…

being lead on by a cute & interesting guy you’re into then being ignored even though you both agreed to hang out more.

Man, that is the worst!  That guy is a total douchebag *handed a note* …oh…next!

Worst Draft Pick

I’m so out of the sports loop I have no clue who’s even popular anymore…this Sidney…person…scores a lot of…touchdown baskets, right?

Sausage! Look it up, it’s German! Wurst!

Oh…I know a LOT about sausage, trust me.  I LOVE sausage.  I’m all about sausage.

…like bratwurst and stuff…what were you thinking???

Canada’s Worst Driver

Five years ago, I apparently was considered the best driver in my house.  I’d say I’m probably last…and one person in the house drives an e-bike…and the other doesn’t have a car right now!  It’s sad how we fall apart.

I pulled out FRUSTRATING first. Reached in and found the word WORST….’cuz I’d unpacked my adjectives. #schoolhouserock

THE COOL REFERENCE AWARD goes to you!  Though my favourite Schoolhouse Rock episode wasn’t even from the show…

Anywhoo, that’s it for today!  Tell your friends, let’s get the association numbers up!  Check out@TwordAss to play!


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