LOVE: Monday, February 14 2011

It will eventually all make sense...

It was that day where everything is pink and I keep forgetting it has something to do with heterosexual love and chocolates…I chose LOVE because I LOVE all the pink!  But apparently it was also ‘Buy me flowers’ day so I guess it still fits.

I went to a Brazilian Rodizio last night for V’tines.  Had ‘all you can eat’ appetizers, followed by eating meat constantly being brought to my table on big swords by cute Brazilian men.  Eventually scantily clad women danced for everyone (else), but some capoeira dudes came out to give me a show afterwards, so it was all groovy.  I highly suggest everyone hit a Brazilian steakhouse sometime…all you can eat meat rocks!

I LOVE meat.  What do you love?

Love Today! Yay, Mika!

You love music by men with no testicles!  Well, I guess he has ‘one’ to hit the low notes…but I think he removes it.  Which confuses me, because I’m ‘pretty’ sure Freddy Mercury was fully equipped, likely with one or two extra, yet he could hit the high not.  OMG…MIKA IS FREDDY MERCURY’S LOVE CHILD!…wait, how does that work…


If you ever get the chance, see the B-52’s in concert.  I saw them for the ‘Good Stuff’ tour…Violent Femmes opened for them.  Fricken’ amazing! Wait…what’s that?  ANOTHER B-52’s entry?!

LOVE in the Year 3000

Holy crapola!  You both win the DOUBLE B-52 AWARD OF HONOUR AND GOODNESS!

Love & Rockets

Ah yes…the band that taught me that most musicians are musicians…not the characters they play.  All I really remember of them is ‘So Alive’ though…very musicky today, guys!

Looks like we have time for one more…

reminds me of Ma-ti from Capt.Planet. a.k.a. the one w/ the most useless power. what, is he gonna hug the pollution away?!

Hey!  He has heart!  He can…talk to Gaia…and…he has rainforest powers that…let him…


That’s it for today!  Join in the fun weekday mornings @TwordAss…I tweet a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind, even if it hurts the feelings of a small Kayapo child who just wants to spread mystical planet-love!!!

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