Double Whammy: HERE and LIFE!

As with all comebacks there are growing pains.  Some days I get 20 entries…others I get five.  When I get a small chunk I usually prefer to mash ’em with another small batch.  Normally I try to get them out before the weekend, but this weekend I was lazy and complacent.  So here you go!  Last Thursday and Friday’s associations:


“Here I come to save the day!”

Vintage Mighty Mouse...yah, he wasn't on ANYTHING...NOTHING at all...SURE!

Get over HERE!

Everyone’s favourite hook-wielding, masked murderer’s favourite line!  People used to say that on the basketball courts in my home town and pretend to throw a hook.  We used to call it ‘Shooting hoops.’  We were all very white and lame.  I should have realized how bad it sounded from the get-go.


I kinda wish there were still town criers…just at major intersections.  But not with bells.  With vuvuzelas.  And they should sell chocolate bars.  My world is an awesome world.

Here comes the bride all dressed in white

I have been a groomsman at a straight wedding, and a best man at a gay wedding.  My personal opinion: I never want to put anyone through that…KIDDING!  Being Best Man was alright though I didn’t know what to do, so I stood awkwardly with my hands at my side and checked out the grooms butt the whole time.  Just seemed…right.


I don’t know!  Now I’m confused!

Here comes sally!

Who the hell is Sally and what does she want?  I can honestly say…I don’t think I’ve ever known a Sally.  Are Sally’s alright?  Am I missing out?



I’d like to take one and it’s…phone a friend. *phones*  They hung up on me… *cries*

Life’s a bitch then you die

You’re tellin’ me!  Bitch just hung up on me!

The Game of Life

Ah yes…I always made my couples gay.  It made sense.  They look like penises anyways.

Marvin the paranoid android (don’t talk to him about it)

Wanna hear how bad a nerd I am…I don’t get this reference.  I think of Marvin the Martian…or Radiohead’s Paranoid Android…but I’m lost!  THE STUMP ME AWARD goes to you!

Eternal Life

Used to think I wanted it…but considering how much time I spend staring at the wall in my busy life…I couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be to do that for decades!

It’s a Hard Knock Life

It certainly is.  It’s also a hard knock horrible song!

Life worth living!

Is it??  Is it?  I question your logic!


Pretty much…that is a good definition of life, but do you have to be dead to become undead?  Aren’t we all, by definition, undead?

The LIFE of the wife is ended by the knife.

A cute way to stop kids from having a speech impediment AND lead them to a life of crime!  It’s like “The thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.”  What’s with death and lisps?


Undead then Afterlife?  What’s after after life?  Unlife?  I don’t get it!!

That’s it for the end of last week!  @TwordAss is where to be if you wanna join in!  If you have any comments, complaints, queries or concerns…comment!!

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  1. For the record, the quote that won me the award is from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. See

    for stuff from the new movie (with said quote in it about 30 secs in) OR go to the next link for the more classic version (which I grew up with ^^ )

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