Who would’ve thunk that MOIST would be such an unpopular subject!  Actually, I got the suggestion from a friend who was visiting yesterday.  Clearly I should stop asking people for word ideas!  MOIST: the word that makes the mom from Dead Like Me cringe…also…

But what do you…the viewers at home think?

Moist and Chewy

Always with the food!  If I were to associate a word with your associated response to my first word, my word would be ‘Granola Bar.’  At least, the good ones.


And there we go.  There’s something…gross about the word moist, eh?  And something gross about words you associate with the word moist.  When I think of wiping something moist I can’t help but…shudder.


There it is again!  The word ‘moisten’ is almost worse than the word ‘moist’ itself!  What does it mean to moisten?!  It’s somewhere between being dry, and being wet, and for some reason I can’t help but picture it involving a tongue.


…I love you guys.  You never cease to amaze me.


When you need one they never have one…when you don’t need one you get one, am I right??! Last time I got a moist towelette was at a sushi place.  Honestly…if I were eating the sushi with my fingers, wouldn’t I be insulting like…the NATION of Japan??

David Usher

Kudos! CANADIAN MUSICIAN AWARD goes to you, though I have to wonder…Mr. Usher…why did you choose the name Moist for your band?


It looks like he's singing...but he doesn't look that moist!


Lynda Carter pitching “Moisture Whip” lipstick by Maybelline on TV back in the day.

Maybe she was born with it?  What is a moisture whip?!  Was she whipping her lips into shape?  Did they choose ‘Whip’ because she was wonder woman?  Did a marketer sit down with Maybelline and say “Alright…the problem here is women have dry lips…we have secured Lynda Carter for our next campaign…and Wonder Woman has a whip…so…logic states…”

I’m done!  I’ll never choose a word like this again!!

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