FAST: Tuesday, February 8th 2011


In honour of the passing of the toughest fuckin’ chick ever to be on the screen…yah, I think she’d kick Ripley, Aeon Flux, and whatever other bad ass you could name to the curb and laugh while doing it…today’s word is FAST…and if you don’t know why, just try her…oh yah, I forgot:

“I never try anything. I just do it. Like I don’t beat clocks. Just people. Wanna try me?”

Now…the right answer was this:

Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

But I forgive you for not catching that!  Just go watch the movie now!

I say FAST, you say…

Fast and Furious

…I find Vin Diesel hot….big time…I didn’t see this movie until long after it was released, but when I did…I loved Vin Diesel.


Oooh, trying to one up me, eh?  Yah!?  Well…FASTEREST!!!

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Don’t be so daft, you punk! …bad bad pun!

Fastest Lap

I had one of those once…ironically I didn’t run the 100m that well, but I ran the 200m like a champ!  Won the Wellington County Regionals!  …I think…I don’t remember moving on to provincials…weird.


Jackrabbits are sweet!  You know…these bizzitches made the associations but cheetahs didn’t!

Hand (take that one as you will)

I would think like a gunsling battle, or a magician, or that crazy ‘knifey finger’ game!  What were you thinking? 😉


We playin opposites? 😉  I was clarified that this is some…Animagotchi thing or something?  What the heck??!

Races (…like back in my swimming days)

Come to Feral!  The same guy has won the lake swim for five years…plus, you know you wanna…I know who you are. You win the COME TO FERAL AWARD. I’m evil!

Slow. ‘Cause shamefully, I’m not fast today

Did you have your coffee?  Your awesome awesome coffee??

Love! As in George Michael!

You talkin’ about a song or the person?  DIRTY!


I have a love/hate relationship with Fast Food…especially the TB.  Delicious…and evil!  DIRTY!


The Rhyming Association!  I witnessed this one happen.  Literally, he saw the word, paused, and then looked embarassed!


Fastest beat you, but you win ’cause it’s a movie reference too 😉

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

I’ll end on this one.  I tried to watch this movie…it moved…not so much.

And we end here.  Thank you for the awesome character, Tura, and I hope this blog directs even just one person to your flick and introduces them to your talent!

Join in weekday mornings @TwordAss!

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