NEW: Monday, February 7th 2011

Annnnnnd…we’re back!  After a multi-month hiatus following another multi-month hiatus I figured let’s give it another shot.  Only this time, we have a new home: to play you follow @TwordAss on Twitter!  What an AWESOME name, right?? RIGHT??!

New Name, New Start, New Year, NEW word!  Today’s word, is…yup…NEW!!  Now, forgive me, it’s a little light today since things are…you know…NEW 😉


And by request:

I’ve heard of those things!  They have some sort of smell?  Apparently you get them if you’re successful!  When words start making money, I’ll look into it!


I never got this saying.  Turn over a new leaf?  I think of leaves as things on the ground…and if a leaf is on the ground it fell…and if it fell, it’s dying.  Turning it over is just kinda humiliating a dying thing that never got a chance to even change colours and be beautiful!

…am I being negative today or is it just me?


Yes, please!  I shouldn’t say that, my current job rocks!  It’s just that it’s an internship…which in the entertainment industry and in Canada generally means ‘no with the money.’  I speak kindly of this place, though…they are awesome and do help me out all the time! *big smile if he’s being watched…biiiiig…smiiiiile*


New televisions are like all new technology…new for a week!  The newest TV I’ve seen is the 3D TV, which me and my bud @Jakolf tested out a few months back in a local store.  This is what I learned about 3D TV…it’s like watching television through a glass with water in it.  Things weren’t jumping out at me…they were just hard to see!  If the 3D’s are Dumb, Disorienting and Deficient, YOU WIN!

Oh…we have a late entry?

The “NEW” filters at work mean I can no longer access Twitter there during the day. I need to find a “NEW” way to play Tword.

…you may need to buy a NEW phone…and you win the first award of 2011…the WORK SERIOUSLY DAMAGES MY CALM award.  Let’s hope that some day you can pass it on to someone else.

And that’s it!  To play, follow @TwordAss and reply when you see the word in the morning!

YumYum! Cya Tuesday!

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