Another triple whammy blog!  As entries become scarce (Autumn Apathy I believe I shall call it) I have felt the urge to combine three small blogs into one large one…let me know if this is a good idea or a bad idea!  An unintentional, lisp-like pattern has emerged this week, so prepare yourself for the latest movie about kids in an urban school who find themselves through dance!  It’s STEP, SPICY, SPIRIT!



The most popular answer…taking up two, count ’em TWO slots!  I feel like I’m being called to a dance off!

…really?  Are you people truly going to barrage me with musicals every day now?!?

…a bit better…but wow, it appears that videos are now that ‘tword’ of choice?

…yup, it’s official. Somehow the kids of today can’t handle sayin’ a word back, they gotta THROW VISUALS AT ME!  It’s the multimedia age where people don’t buy CDs, they watch YouTube!  Congrats to Google, Facebook and Apple…our new overlords!



A traditional…delicious association!  You all know I reward cleverness, horrifyingness, and stumpifyingness, but today…the award goes to this association…THE KEEPING IT SIMPLE STUPID AWARD!


My favourite association of the day, ’cause it’s my favouritest food of all time.  Fastest way to my heart…jambalaya!

That’s a SPICY meatball!

I can’t even recall where this officially came from…was it early comedies, or some kind of variety show, or a stand up comic?  Or just some guy who burned himself, exclaimed it to a busy restaurant, and made himself an icon.

I was thinking about that the other day…it’s 99% more likely you’ll never know you’ve become an icon than you do.  As the fellows at Hometown Tales keep telling me time and time again every day through their podcast, the tales that we come to know just by existing in the culture may have started with something real…but the story that builds up afterwards is completely out of control.  Like broken telephone: you walk into a restaurant, stub your two, scream something.  The waiters and waitresses joke about it, say it a lot while walking around.  Visitors to the town hear it, think it’s funny, bring it home with them.  Voila!

For all I know, half the crap I say off hand is currently popular in Antarctica.

This one came with a caveat:

(i’ll most likely be doing link responses every now & then to annoy you) :3

Just because you did the ‘cute face’ at the end of that doesn’t take the sting out of your statement.  Nor will the ‘cute face’ fix the sting of the pepper hiding behind the link.

Spicy Fox


Mmmmm Thai Food!

Try Ethiopian.  Get the Kitfo.  Ask for it HOT.  Then go get some Thai food to cool your mouth down.



OK, yesterday was Spirit Day.  On this day you wear purple to bring awareness to the bullying of queer teens and how it must stop.  I only had one problem with this…I, like my roomies, more than half my friends, and apparently the entire Scarborough Town Centre at lunchtime (I was there…I saw it…) didn’t get the memo.  I live under a rock, yes, but I shouldn’t be so far out of the loop that it wasn’t even mentioned by folks in my Twitter or Facebook feed until the day of!

…at which point I also realized I don’t own anything purple.  It’s a weird colour.  It requires MUCH planning.  Please, lets give more than -5 hours notice next time??

Stallion of the Cimarron

I’m not disappointed…I’m just angry.

Lawrence ‘Herkie’ Herkimer

You know…we didn’t have cheerleaders at my school.  At least…none that I can remember…which must mean we didn’t have them!  We didn’t have a hockey or football team either.  Our basketball team once didn’t place last in our division, you know!  And I won MVP on the badminton team!  I’m athletic, yo!

The Spirit

…bad movie!

An old NES game: Spiritual Warfare, AKA The Legend of Jesus

…awesome game! Well, it would be awesome if playing it didn’t ’cause me to burst into flame!

Spirit Fingers

The best way to play off a scene…

And as I dance off stage…WITHOUT the aid of a hook, I assure you, we close off this Triple Whammy.  You can help avoid these blogs by joining in weekday mornings @Potoroo and offering a word…or link…or video…or short story (we haven’t gotten one of those yet, and no, I probably won’t post it as a reply) to whatever word I shout out!  Please remember to tag your entries with #tword so it’s less likely they get lost in the shuffle.  Adieu!

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