USE: Thursday, October 14th 2010

Another mini-blog for y’all to digest!  USE this as an opportunity to entertain yourself!  USE IT!!!

Fair Use

Bah…you stole that association, didn’t you!  I hope you paid for the license…

Sidenote: I remember looking into getting the rights to record a cover of one of my favourite Sparklehorse songs, and it was like…$80 to sell 1000 CDs or less.  I thought it was a LOT more!

The More You Know

#tword me any way you want to


Video Fun Time!

Nice one!  Good band!  Oh, here’s another good band:

There…I just USED you for shameless self promotion!  Sometimes I associate too!!!

The next one requires a bit of lead in.  You see, yesterday I had to go out on a bike…and it was cold…and raining.  Someone tweeted this in response to my tweet about my situation:

USE an umbrella and raincoat!

Situational Associating!  I love it!

Sidenote: Twitter is weird!  I mean, it’s basically for micro-blogging, and blogging can be everything from well-written opinion, intellectual wanking, vain self-interest, advertisement.  It’s neat that people can do ALL this in 140 characters…but honestly…why should anyone care that I have to bike in the cold and the rain?  It doesn’t MATTER!  Cause it’s Twitter!  I’m done now.

Some of them want to use you / Some of them want to be used by you

Another awesome band!  A former roomie had an Annie Lennox pic on her wall.  I remember when ‘No More I Love Yous‘ came out…what a weird video.  And now Nicki Minaj is on the Annie Lennox bandwagon!  …just thought I’d share.

I will end today’s blog with a mega-association!  3…2…1…

The Used, Useability, Useage, Potoroo is accused of being awesome, I bet sometimes potoroo gets confused by our answers, Reused

And now, my response: Awesome band, is that a word?, I don’t get much useage out of my computer since it’s broken, no one has ever accused me of that, I am often confused by answers, and didn’t you use that one already? PUN!

I’m done, yo!  Join me weekdays @Potoroo and USE my words anyway you like…I will try to make them useable…useability…hmm…

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