GROSS: Wednesday, October 13th 2010

It turned out that MAKE was crappy. So I figured…hey, Roo, why not choose a really descriptive word!  Something that can evoke very strong associations, from humorous to visceral to downright bizarre!  How could it possibly go wrong if I choose the word GROSS??


Our previous award winner for being morbid kicks it off in style!  THE STYLE AWARD FOR ASSOCIATION GREATNESS is awarded to you, sir.  It is closely related to the ‘classy’ award…perhaps you can win that tomorrow!


I love the term ‘Gross’ and it’s other applications, such as legal and accounting.  It’s also a German last name!  S’truth!  In high school there was a girl who’s last name was, I kid you not, GROSSE!  Her introduction into our small-town world was our art teacher, Mrs. Kirby (who rocked by the way) saying aloud “Is there a student who’s last name is Gross?”  Kudos!


Is that actually a thing I could have studied in school?  Screw theatre, I could have been a grossologist?!?!?

288! No wait, even for me that’s too gross…

…dear christ, sir…I read that twice, Wikipedia’d it…I Googled, Asked Jeeves, and travelled back in time to Alta Vista.  In this age of technological solutions sometimes I forget to just…think.  Yes…it is ‘too gross‘.



Look at this...remember's a representation of how slow I am...


“1,728 of something is called a great gross.”

Which, by the way, is awesome…I always thought a great gross would be witnessing someone sneeze huge quantities of mucous out their nose while also vomiting and defecating uncontrollably at the same time…in a cheese factory.

Point Blank

Love it!  Favourite part of the movie?  Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez!


Benny The Jet...kick-ass fighter, bad ass dude...published author!


And that’s it for today! Another mini-blog!  Wanna make it bigger?  Simply follow @Potoroo on weekdays and I’ll throw out a word, you say the first thing that comes to mind!  EASY!

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