MAKE: Tuesday, October 12th 2010

I love kitfo. I’m not sure if it loves me anymore.  But it’s like a big greasy pizza, or a tub or ice cream, or a giant burger…it’s SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD…even though odds are pretty high you’ll be feeling it most of the next day.  Regardless, I feel healthy and fully-proteined…just with a ball of fire in my stomach.

…MAKE!  I should get an award today…WORST…SEGWE…EVER…

…it happen.

I believe I will!  But what should I MAKE happen?


The most popular answer!  I wonder what’s on your minds!!!


Actually…considering how few distinct answers I got with this one…we are making haste!  I think MAKE was a bad word, not very inspiring!

Love is all around, no need to waste it; You can have a town, why don’t you take it; You’re gonna make it after all!

Not very inspiring at all…nopenope…maybe this was a big mistake…

#tword me a sammich!

…and now I’m getting ordered to do something.  ORDER OF THE DAY goes to you, kind sir.

Make you say Unnnh Unhhh na nana na nana na o/`

Now I’m just confused…who’s making me say this now?

“Make” —> “Mele Kalikimaka!”

You’re all going insane, I tell you.  It must be this word…the word drives people crazy because of it’s active nature!  It’s something that happens, usually forcing you to be a part of it, for better or worse, it brings into existence things that obviously are best left untouched!  WHY didn’t I think of this before I chose the word!?  WHY!?!??  THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!!

…and ‘scene.’

Thank you for joining in! Be sure to show up weekday mornings…or afternoons…depending on when the word comes to me…and follow @Potoroo to join in the fun! Tell your friends, tell your Romans, and tell your countrymen to join in too, it’s starting to get lonely in the Twitterverse!!  If you’re a masochist there are two other blogs you can check out, the soon-to-be more streamlined music blog Under The Pink and the currently-less-inactive Imaginary Campfire which focuses on event planning, convention organizing, occasional Camp Feral announcements and weird stuff like that!  Fun?  You bet!

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  1. ‘Make me a sammich!’ is, of course, a reference to Invader Zim. 🙂

  2. The Make em Say Unhh is from Master P a rap artist.

  3. […] turned out that MAKE was crappy. So I figured…hey, Roo, why not choose a really descriptive word!  Something that […]

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