FAIR: Monday, October 11th 2010

A mini-blog!  Looks like Columbus Day and Thanksgiving were popular this year!  The word I chose was FAIR because I was at the Erin Fall Fair this past weekend…



The Mayor, The Cake, The Fair...HUZZAH!


Let’s see what you came up with!

Life’s not #tword

I know…another silly word game.  At least I didn’t show you the picture I found of the kid eating ice cream…WHY DOES EVERY FAIR HAVE KIDS EATING ICE CREAM!?!  CAN’T IT STOP FOR ONE COCKADOODIE FAIR?!?

it simply not fair to cook and smell a turkey all day!

This year I actually didn’t cook the meal.  Now…I believe it was 2008…I cooked the Canadian Thanksgiving dinner in Erin…AND I was in charge of the American Thanksgiving dinner in Oklahoma!  Crazy times, I tell ya!

Arrrre ya goin’ to Scarborough #TWORD

No, but I drove through Scarborough during Thanksgiving, and I must say…that place is much less bullety than people make it out to be!  But here comes a hail of association-bullets in 3…2…1…

Fair game, lets all go to the fair!, all is fair in love and war, ren faire (medievil times wee)

Why is all fair in love and war?  So, you’re telling me, that if I love someone I can bayonette them?  And if I’m at war I can make out with the opposing army?  Cause I will, dammit!


I’m offering the award for this one, in part because I was actually at a midway this past weekend, also in part because I can never recall ever winning anything at a midway so I figure someone should walk away with a prize.  THE UNCARNY-LIKE AWARD OF MIDWAY-STATEMENT PROFICIENCY.

“i want to dance all night, i want to dance all night…” #tword

As do I!  …what does this have to do with the fair? 😉

As I said…a mini-blog!  To make the blogs bigger please remember to follow @Potoroo and on weekdays I’ll surprise you with a word (…it used to be a 10 am thing…now it’s a…when I find myself with a word thing!)  I’ll say a word, you’ll say one back, we’ll have a lot of fun, it’ll be great, I promise, no cheats, it’ll rock.

And now, without further ado…a child kissing a cow’s head in Erin!



...is this weird or is it cute, I can't tell...


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  1. “i want to dance all night, i want to dance all night…”

    I’m guessing this is supposed to be “I could have danced all night”… referencing My *Fair* Lady. 😮

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