I need to find that happy medium, between being busy and having nothing to do.  When I have nothing to do I don’t do anything…when I’m too busy I don’t have time to do anything else. Last week, I had nothing to do and so I watched a lot of old Mythbusters shows I’d seen before, cleaned the house, did the dishes, puttered around…and  missed three blogs in that spare time.

Honestly…I work best when I’ve got other work to do.

My goal this week: Five Days, Five Blogs.  Hold me to it!

Today, though, a TRIPLE WHAMMY!  We will begin with last Wednesday’s UP, followed by last Thursday’s AWAY, and end with Friday’s DREAM!



Off to a good start!  Though, it’s Autumn so I see more squirrels down than up these days…looking for whatever the hell it is they find in my front lawn that they’re always searching for…oh crap…MY GOLD!

“UP” —> “AND UP!”

I am not on the up and up…if that’s what you meant.  Unless you’re talking about a balloon that goes up and up…until it pops.  OH!  I know what you’re talking about…Justin Bieber!  That kid just keeps going up and up!  To The Stars, JB!  Oh shit…mad rush in 3…2…1…

Sup G?, Superman!, Up! (The Movie), Campbells Soup Mmm Mmm Good, Super Duper!, Up Up and Away!, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Stiff Upper Lip, Tupperware, cup, Pup (Awww)

…Campbell’s Soup?!?  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? 😉  I think those two were stretches…how did you get the soup one?!  Methinks someone was eating it at the time!

At this point I’ll note…Up, the movie, was brought up several times…in each case, about how sad it was…who knew that someone could take such a positive word (Up) and make it feel so…(Down)

Up, down, side to side.

WHEE!  We’re dancing!

#tword side #tword front #tword back

…are we still dancing?!?

Get UP! Get UP! You’re gonna be late for work again… 😛

HAH HAH!  I don’t have work 😉


CUTE IMAGE ENTRY OF THE FOREVER! Quite an award!  Kudos! (I would embed it but it seems to break when I try! Likely requires a FurAffinity account…which most of you probably have…nerds…)

Me: Man, it smells like up dog in here. Other person: What’s up dog?

Why you goin’ all smellin’ dog like, here?!? Did you actually smell like dog…or is the other person a jerk?

up in the stars above.

…there is dark matter which threatens us all…and on that happy note…


take me away from it all!

…alright…where do you want to go?

Come Sail Away Come Sail Away Come Sail Away with me you guys!

…but where are we sailing?

Up, up, and away!

First off…clever use of two days’ Twords in succession!  Secondly…sail up?!?

I’m sick and cranky, I’m going with “go. As in ” go away.”

OH?! Now you want me to go away? Make up your mind!

Away, from the PEI dictionary: Any place that is not Prince Edward Island. Yeah… they’re a little insular there.

I suppose we can sail…up…to PEI…without me…weird…

I ran so far awayyyy gotta get away!

Now we’re running?!?  And dude, your hair…it looks insane!

“Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie land!”

…OK…I’m going away, but we’re also sailing up to PEI…via the Southern US…while not looking where we’re going???

Love will find #tword 😉

I hope so, ’cause so far I have no clue how we’re gonna pull this off.

Red Shirt! *ohnoes*

Oh…that’s the problem…you’re a NERD!!! 😉

I’m far and away from a new job.

I think I’ll be looking for a new job soon, ’cause this thing is driving me batty!

They’re coming to take me away! HaHa They’re coming to take me away! HoHoHeHeHaHa To the funny farm…

Totally with ya, bud…

*has fleededed!!!!!* :3

This wasn’t actually an entry, but I like his use of ‘Fleeded’ as it was just before I was taking him AWAY from work 😉

Two down, one to go…are you ready to…


I’m gonna start by making myself very unpopular…I should qualify this by saying that I thought the first half of the first season was entertaining…however, I received about four associations this week referring to the show Glee.  I acknowledge them as being accurate associations…but I likely won’t include YouTube embeds if they refer to musicals…’cause musicals are my ‘fingernails on a blackboard.’  Please don’t judge me…

Cast. (inb4 @draconum)

NERD!  Gah…I’m mean today!


I try, buddy…but I find big dreams usually require big wallets!  And, it might shock you all to know that I don’t paid to do this…what…it doesn’t shock you?  oh…

Dreamsong, cutest #spottycat of them all! =^.^=


#tword on. 😀

I try, buddy…but I find dreams that go on are actually ‘comas.’

Dream. It makes me think of Dream. Also Desire, Delirium, Despair, Destiny, Destruction, and Death. Yay Neil Gaiman!

…NNN….NNERRRRR…ddd…goood…good association…*gasp*

Dreams mean so much to me. But my biggest association was the dream where I was the worst US president EVER. Best dream I ever had.

Dream big and dream on, buddy!  Who woulda thought that someone’s favourite dream would be the one where they screwed up a country!!

#tword a little #tword of me 😉

Some people associate this with Glee…I associate it with Corey Feldman…many others probably think of the old fashioned song.  I think mine rocks harder.


Corey childhood idol...


“Dream” —> “Color or Monochrome?”

Colour, of course!  Pink!  Everything is varying shades of pink…not your boring monochrome…sheesh!

And that’s it…the first, and hopefully last, Triple Whammy!  To encourage me to not do this anymore simply go to @Potoroo and say a word when I give you one!  Please remember to tag your replies with #tword so they don’t get lost in the shuffle, or even use #tword to replace the tword when your word includes the tword…erm…yah, that made sense right?

Peace, love, all that jazz!

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