WORK: Tuesday, October 5th 2010

Heya folks.  As punishment for the last weekend, and this week…I have decided, rather than avoiding responsibility, I will WORK while drunk. I am currently drunk.  This picture personifies my current state:

As in…I’m confused as to how I found this picture when I actually wanted to find a completely ‘different’ picture…cause I’m drunk! That’s right…this is a blrunkog.  It has been unearthed. A thing of mystery…NO MORE! Hometown Tales!* You don’t have to chase me down anymore.  I’M RIGHT HERE!

….that ass

MIND…GUTTER! Work is not for such things, it is for productivity, not play! SACHET! AWAY!

#tword it gurl! Do a twirl! Youuuuu bettah #TWORRRRD


Especially thanks to your awesome reference.  As you can see, you won an award.  I love RuPaul. Although I’ve never been into the drag scene, RuPaul was accepted at my school despite the fact that it was a very homophobic environment…YOU BETTER WORK was an acceptable song to dance to at the dance.  ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ was somehow cool in University.  And now, years later, Drag Race is a source of…much more education than I would have thought! Go RuPaul! Love ya! eleganza extravaganza!

Meh, I’d rather bang on the drum all day.

Dude…good reference.  You know, someone told me that Todd Rundgren was a god of music and I DIDN’T BELIEVE THEM!  Till I realized he produced one of my favourite and most musically inspirational albums!

You people and your video entries these days! Good choice, though…I always love Missy when I’m…getting my freak on…yah!

…that means doing something bizarre, right?

#tword it!

Good use of the hashtag, which of course can be used to identify your association at the end of the word or statement, or as a replacement of the daily word in your personal association (shameless plug…complete)…I give you a cookie. 🙂

Damn you infernal contraption! Work I say!

This makes me think of Dexter’s Laboratory but…not as well!  This makes you a nerd…but also makes me a nerd…for acknowledging this connection which may not even be accurate…I’M NOT A NERD!

Work = inventory

FUNNY STORY! I’ve been involved in two jobs where inventory was part of my job description…well…never brought up, but something I apparently had to do.  One was at a coffee shop, and was easy.  The other…a CD store.  Literally, we started ‘one hour’ after closing time, and if we worked hard, we were done by an hour before OPENING!  It was a big new and used CD mom and pop shop.  I did inventory three times.  One stands out, though: we stayed up late and played LOUD music ’cause we had a neat benefit in that we could open ANY CD we wanted, listen to it, and then shrink wrap it.  It’s like a candy store…a candy store of sound

Regardless…there was a noise complaint…and two cops showed up to see what was up.  The ‘talky’ one told us we should turn it down.  The ‘other’ one…was grooving in the background.  The ‘talky’ one was obviously also aware that a bit of noise, when it is AWESOME MUSIC, is alright on a late Saturday night.

We never turned the volume down.


Work load, Workaholic (I think Potoroo might be one of these), Workout, Out of Work (Which was the two towns in my area for 1 yr), Workopolis, Everybody’s working for the weekend! o/`, Over Worked

My Response: Don’t have one, am one when I have something to do (Feral counts, as do unpaid internships), I really need to get back into one cause in 2008 I was buff but now I’m not, I am currently this, I go to this place but it has NOTHING for me because I’m not a WELDER, I remember doing this but a) it’s no longer the 80’s and b) I’m unemployed, and finally…why is it that I’m this when I’m spending most of my time at home doing nothing?!?

If you followed that ramble…here’s a cookie.

“WORK” —> “IT GURL!!!”

I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t.

Get back to work!

But I swear it’s time to punch out!  Honestly, the weirdest thing ever is that feeling that work is about to finish…and then…it becomes BUSIER THAN IT HAS BEEN ALL DAY!  This is something that can only be understood by those in the food service or retail industry.  Most jobs have an end point…most jobs have a time where you wind down and then *poof* you’re done!

In food service…and retail…you wind down and then…EVERYONE REALIZES THEY WANT WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER!  The times I’ve found myself closing at 6:30 pm…and then swamped at 6:55 pm are ridiculous…especially when you consider that I was supposed to be closed by 7:00 pm!  Going back to work at the time when you mentally accepted that work was over is HARD!  But I learned how…

…I learned to accept.  The most peaceful thing a server can do…is accept that, although you thought work was over…it has actually just begun…and work until you are finished pleasing customers.

It’s…strangely fulfilling!

#tword is over for the day! 🙂

THAT IT IS!  Thank you for the concluding association, and that is it!  And it’s late.  And…the world spins in neat and interestingly non-linear ways. Wanna spin with a hungover me?  That’ll happen tomorrow at 10 ish @Potoroo…I’ll say a word, you say an association, DONE!

*Hometown Tales is a totally amazing Podcast I recommend. I’ve been listening to it, in reverse order, for close to two years now, and it progressively gets awesomer.  I highly suggest this approach…for listening to an established show, run by passionate guys, in reverse order, means that you feel the build up IN REVERSE!  For example…I’ve NEVER heard the story of Mike, The Headless Chicken…but I’ve felt the anticipation about the story about Mike the Headless Chicken for years!  Do it…you’ll thank me!

And…I end with this:

…hey…hurdy gurdy man…you’re messed! I’m too drunk for this!

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