WAIT: Monday, October 4th 2010

Yes…in the irony of ironies I made you WAIT.  I think this’ll be the pattern, though…throw out a word, let people fizzle with it for a bit, and the next day I’ll pop up a blog of answers.  That whole ‘Same Day, Same Afternoon’ stuff is just not practical…but then again, to my grandfather I’m pretty sure playing kids games with people around the world through the phone lines wasn’t practical either.

Sidenote…Grandma and Grandpa used to live in Utoph, a hamlet that doesn’t exist anymore near Orillia, Ontario.  Just thought I’d say that…since, in the grand scheme, I’m pretty sure no one has said the word Utoph on the internet in awhile.  You learn something new everyday!  NOW!  WORDS!


Wait, what? I was a waiter! Weally!  That term is horrible, hence why many prefer ‘server.’  A server ‘serves’ you which is positive.  A waiter makes you WAIT!  The more answers I got, the more I realized that ‘wait’ isn’t really a verb…it’s more of a…sputtering order…and if it’s not an order, it’s not very positive!

…put more lube on…


Wait! I got a good one! no…no I don’t…

WAIT seems to be to polite conversation what STOP is to a police outrunning an outlaw.  It certainly does mean: ‘stay in one place and anticipate or expect something.’ Even if I’m doing something else, the word ‘WAIT’ forces me to stay in one place, at least mentally!

I Waited for you and you left me hanging ;_;

And there’s the negative. ‘Staying in one place’ means that you ‘expect something’ at the end.  If it doesn’t happen, ‘WAIT’ becomes pretty shitty.

not a valid safe word


Very…very nice sir.  I’d say THE MOST RELEVANT VISUAL ANSWER TO DATE! Well, maybe not the most ‘relevant.’  The cutest…d’awwwwwwww…

Hey WAIT a minute Mr. Postman! #fishdresses

Waiting for a letter or package is probably one of the few anticipatory pleasures we have left these days.  What with e-mail, easy Christmas-gift stalking, and fast food I applaud the postal service…for being so slow…at delivering us physical goods.


GAH!  Ok…


#tword for me!

Are you my turn?  …no?  Well, get in line…it appears we’re waiting.

Sorry to take so long to come up with an association… I was waiting for a good one.

And this was it, I suppose???

“WAIT” —> “WHAT?”

My thoughts exactly.  Just what is this all about…and why?  And who?!?  Did my turn come yet?  No?  Who are you?  …OK, I’m budding in line…here’s my turn!!

While I was waiting for all your answers…CHECK DIS OUT, BOYZ! Yah, I got the Jann Arden love.

…erm, as you can see, I’m not very good at this…which is why I am the association-master and not the association-…associator.

I’m done!  This is it! No more waiting for the end!  @Potoroo to join in the fun, weekdays, generally morning, and PLEASE #tword your answers so I can track ’em!  Love, Peace, Gone!

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