Double Whammy! DRUNK and SCARY!

Heyas! My middle name is now ‘Lazy.’  Or was it ‘Forgetful?’  I forget…and I’m too lazy to look it up, hence why today’s blog is an amalgam of the two I missed last week!  Don’t worry, though…the two I missed had very few entries, probably because it was the end of the week and people were excited about the weekend!  That’s when they can get DRUNK…and after a weekend of getting drunk, it can be SCARY!

Let’s start with Thursday, September 30th…and DRUNK!


I couldn’t imagine how surreal it would be to bump into a drunk duck.  Like…a small…drunk goose…with a dog mask on.

school makes me want to be #tword

Actually, my best bud @Jakolf first pointed out to me the potential use of the tword hashtag as a ‘word replacement,’ as used here.  I encourage people to use this if a word is not the association, but instead a sentence which uses the word.  It makes it more…associationy!


What are you drinking?!?  I mean…I had no regret this past weekend, and I drank…oh God…I drank SOOOO much…why *sniffle* why did I drink so much *sniffle*

Drunk… WITH POWER! Aahahahaahahahahaahahahahahh!

Ah, but what KIND of power?  I am often drunk with ‘moderate’ power.


…I’m glad this isn’t a family-friendly blog.  I would have also accepted ‘Too Drunk To #tword” and that would have been worthy of an award.  Actually…is this the first F-Bomb?  Well!  You win the HALF AWARD FOR FIRST F-BOMB!  It’s a half award because I need to save the other half for the second ‘Double Whammy’ blog entry!


Hooooo-eeeee…did I have some of them this weekend!

that’s better than HANGOVER 😉

Agreed!  Want proof?  The reason why it’s Monday and I’m finishing Thursday’s blog is 100% for this reason!

Bitch. (Man, I’m just thinking of high school. All the drunk kids at school were bitches until they found pot.)

I didn’t drink in high school.  I pretty much didn’t drink in University!  And I never saw the kids who found pot…cause they just stopped coming to school usually!

AND THAT’S IT FOR DRUNK!  Shall we get SCARY!?!??

#tword mutha fucka!

Crazy!  Two potty mouths in two days!  I wonder if this’ll be common!  And another great use of the #tword tag!  Spread it around!  Berate your fellow associators for not #tword -ing at the end of an association, or at least using #tword to replace the word in a sentence!  LET’S GET VIOLENT!

Richard Scarry

By far the SECOND HALF AWARD AND FIRST SECOND HALF AWARD EVER AWARDED AWARD for this cool association!  Love it!

CLOWNS. @____@;;

Misused…save Clowns for ‘TERRIFYING” when it becomes word of the day!  And they are still associated, somehow, with the happiness of children?  Isn’t this the 21st century?  MIMES are cooler!


I’m trying to think what noises scare me.  I think…the scariest noises in the world…all come from clowns.  And children.

Abandoned puppies next to an erupting volcano! That is my response for the scary #tword! D:

Something tells me for that to happen someone would have to be REALLY DRUNK!  …or a clown.

And now…for the final entry…when I was a child I was SOOO scared of this I couldn’t watch even though I watched the movie itself dozens and dozens of times.  As an adult, I still look away and have only seen the image ONCE in my life…that first time when I first became terrified…of Large Marge…my gift to you:

And that does it for today!  Again, follow @Potoroo and on weekday mornings, around 10 am ish unless I’m DRUNK or HUNGOVER or SCARY, you can associate a word!  Please remember to tag ’em with #tword and to tell your friends about it when they’re confused by your single-word utterations!  Peace!

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