CAN: Wednesday, September 29th 2010

I was feeling under the weather this week, so I figured ‘Hey, why not drink copious amounts of alcohol!’  And I did that.  And that’s why it’s Thursday and I’m putting up Wednesday’s blog late.  But if anyone CAN do that…I CAN!!!

You can can, oh you can can can. You can can can; you can do it.

Lemme guess…I’m the best?  Around?  Will there be anything that could possibly get me down?  How positive! Funny thing is…yesterday…I couldn’t!

Can-do attitude!

Again…today and yesterday it was more of a ‘can’t’ do attitude, but that’s negativity, and we won’t stand for that, will we!

Can Can (x3)

STUTTERER!  Kidding…A very popular answer…it’s it odd that so many of us from the youngest to oldest have knowledge of dances our grandparents probably didn’t even dance?  Honestly…how many of you people do the Charleston?

-of peas

why peas?!  Anecdote: a professor in University once let us in on her comfort food, which was a can of creamed corn…that is, open the can, take a spoon, dig in.  Honestly…we were all VERY confused, as was she, as I think she felt this was normal.

It isn’t.


Considering I’m hungover at 4:30, and today’s word is ‘Drunk’ this is both a good association and a bad one.  At least I didn’t puke…we aren’t allowed to puke in the house unless it’s Friday…and when you do you must spend the rest of the night with a stuffed deer named ‘Pukey.’  God’s truth.


Why be so violent?  Why?  Oh…crap…multi-association in 3…2…1…

Canadian Tire, Big Cans, Can We Do It! Yes we Can!, Vancouver Canucks, Can’t, Can you take me higher

Only person to associate Canadianness…I love Canadian Tire money…

Cannon Ball Run

Ah, classic comedy that has that ‘hint’ of being offensive now.  Anyone seen ‘They Call Me Bruce’ recently?

KANKERI! :3 time to start my obscure reference answers. y’know the drill. Wiki it!

This is an anime thing…isn’t it…wait for it…waiiiitttt forrrrr iiiiitttt…NERD!

Cantankerous cankles!

You get an award…UNACCEPTABLE ANSWER OF THE DAY! It’s not that I’m disallowing it…it’s that the visual you gave me was unacceptable.  Remember, people, I have to read and THINK about your answers 😉

of Nestea.. mmm

I like this one…a lot…because it’s so specific and also something I’ve never really heard anyone say!  I mean…you will regularly hear a person verbally drool over cans of beer…cans of coke…hell, even cans of weird shit like chili or beefaroni…Can of Nestea tells me a lot about yourself!

i CAN add a #tword to this reply. 😉

Nice!  Yes, I am slowly incorporating a #tword hashtag…both so I can more easily seek answers, and if you are curious about answers you can search for it as well!  It has the added bonus that when I’m rich and famous we can make it a trend!  YES!  A TREND!

“We can do it!” – Rosie the Riveter (I just happened to be wearing my Nintendo Rosie shirt today!)

I wonder if…every morning…during the campaign…Barack Obama woke up and did that ‘two finger-kiss-touch’ thing to a Rosie poster.  The image makes me feel better about the world.


And it seems that I did!

Thank you all for your patience, kind words, and occasional smackdowns.  Thursday’s word will be up either later tonight or…tomorrow morning…I’m not good with this ‘time’ thing.

If you wanna join in, follow @Potoroo and gimme an association…generally around 10 ish…12 ish if I’m hungover.

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