FRONT: Tuesday, September 28 2010

Yesterday I slept on my back!  Today, I slept on my FRONT.  Just what do you people think about that, huh?!?

“What’s with these homies dissing my girl? Why do they gotta front? What did we ever do to these guys that made them so vi-o-lent?”

Really?  That’s your opinion?!?

Why you wanna FRONT, beeyotch?!

…oh!  I get it!  You’re talkin’ bout frontin’.  Well…wats the…haps…yo.

…I’m so lame.

Door 🙂 Yes, I took the easy answer 🙂

Oddly enough, the easy answer WAS to complain about a ‘front,’ defined in the urban dictionary as: “Put on a fake or false personality; not keeping it real.” Sidenote: Tword is in the dictionary as well!  Look it up.


That was yesterday’s word!


Are you guys working as some kind of sick team?


Front to Bottom?  Back to Side?  Are you checking me out?!?  You shouldn’t…not much to see here!

Organized Crime

I don’t think I’m THAT bad!!

Oh & now I got visions of Cameo singing ‘Tword Up’ in my head 😛

Yes, as do I every time I look in the mirror…OH!  Because of…Tword…not ’cause of my spandex outfit…gotcha.

I say we’re front and we lead, oh yeah!

I’ve led a lot of things…and each time I do I ask myself “Why the hell would anyone want to do this all the time.”  The downside is if you do it once, you’re going to be asked to do it again.  People…strive to be followers!  It’s SO much easier!



I’m biased though… the game was released _TODAY_ =^.^=

OOOOH!  After some research I found this. Now, you should all know the drill by now, which is even funner today thanks to your smiley: NERD! FURRY!  FURRY NERD!

…you know it’s all about the love. Hold on! I hear a mass-association in 3…2…1…

Frontline, Back to the Front! o/`, Frontinac, Front and Center you apes!, Make a Front!, confrontational, beachfront

There’s an award in this one…it’s tough to decide between Frontinac and Confrontational…regardless you win the REACHING AWARD OF THE DAY! …Frontinac…yah, that’s the winner.

And we have time for one last entry:

so sad to say but the first thing i thought was a tie between “why u frontin” and pants


Pants?  Why pants?!?

Big Pants

Those are some big pants!

That’s it for today!  Thanks for playing, and I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow at 10 am ish, location: @Potoroo for another round!

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