BACK: Monday, September 27 2010

If there’s anything I want this blog to be, it’s informative, and I have apparently just informed you that ‘Short Break’ is defined as ’53 Days or Less…’  Finally…a precise measurement for such a commonly used term.  Please, give yourself a ‘Short Break’ at work, and then come BACK to see what crazy shee-at you guys all came up with.

Yup, today’s word is BACK because we are, and here’s what you tossed at me:

Back in black I hit the sack I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back

Fantastic!  Though…if I were to overanalyze…I’d think I’m being welcomed back, but I’m putting you to sleep?  Isn’t this an AC/DC song?!?

Baby Got (4)

Most popular answer.  I got sprung, yo!  Dating myself: I remember when this came out…it was pretty popular, much like Bust A Move, Rumpshaker, The Humpty Dance and Ring the Alarm.  If anyone knows who performed a song in the early 90s called ‘Keepin’ The Faith’ that had a whistle-noise as it’s hook…please let me know.  Yup…some awesome rap came out before rap was popular *

Back to the Future

88 mph @ 1.21 gigawatts!

What’s funny is the first associator called themselves a ‘nerd’…the second one did not.  Digest that for awhile, will you?


And thus began the influx of food related associations.  Yes, you’re all very hungry, it must be lunch time…let’s see:


Of the Baby Back variety, I assume?  You know, I had NO clue what this was about, and in Austin Powers when fellow Canadian Mike Myers sang the ‘Baby Back Ribs’ song I had to ask people what the joke was.  The American informed me.  I have since been to Chili’s…I’ve never had the Ribs…I do like the crazy cheesesteak you have to eat with a fork and knife though.

Chili's Cheesesteak

Consumed by Roo twice at Chicago Airport, but never in Philly.

This was the most popular association…including the following entries:

Baby back ribs! BAM triple association, bitches!


Baby Back

All mean the same thing…you like eating meat, and you like it off the bone. *zing*

Bacon (2)

Ah, Back Bacon…otherwise known as Canadian Bacon and Peameal Bacon.  I think Back Bacon is Canada’s Pork Roll…or Taylor Ham?  Regardless, I’ve always known it as Peameal, the Optimists at the Erin Fall Fair make the best Peameal Bacon on a Bun in the world.  I think one year I’ll open a ‘Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on a Kaiser Bun’ booth one year…confuse everyone.



I’m bringing sexy back!

I’m sure you are, with your silly hat and tight fitting clothes and vests and all that.  When I think ‘Vest, hat and tight clothes’ I certainly think sexy…I DON’T think ‘Elderly Man from the 20s’ no way, no how.


I get those…all the time.  Used to be so bad I actually stood like an elderly man from the 20s while serving coffee in Guelph.  Then I went to a massage therapist.  It all went away.  What I’m saying is that backache’s age you until you pay someone to touch you and get rid of them, is all.

Mega answer in 3…2…1…

Backasswards, Back in Black, Back Massage, Back that ass up, Back breaker!, Brokeback mountain, Backflip, Back to Life Back to Reality, Bare Back Riding, Back to the Future

My favourite in there is ‘Back To Life Back to Reality.’  I love that fricken song!!

Back my back ’till I get back to you!



CONFUSED ANSWER OF THE DAY! I couldn’t tell if this response was a lack of awareness as to what was going on or an actual answer, therefore it’s my favourite…because I like confusing people…


Dammit…I’d give another award for this being the most CLEVER ANSWER of the day but I can’t ’cause the powers that be only let me use red once per Tword Association.  Here…CLEVER ANSWER OF THE DAY! I’ll allot you the gay award even though I don’t consider Backgammon to be very gay.

That does it for another Tword Association!  It’s good to be back!  Please remember to follow me @Potoroo and associate a word with mine weekday mornings around 10ish, or at least until I get a job and it takes up all my time again!  YAY!  If I stay  unemployed, you get more blogs!

*Fact given to me by my ‘Urban Music’ teacher at school, who seems to think rap only became popular in the 2000s despite it’s inclusion on popular children’s movie soundtracks and being played on the radio as early as 1989 by my memory!  I’m from a small town of 3000 people.  I went to a public school with 150 or so kids.  Many were HEAVILY into rap in 88 and 89…so yah…there…

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