CLEAR: Wednesday, July 28th 2010

Another quick blog due to a limited number of answers…delicious…because, clearly, I’m in the CLEAR!  Huh?  Go!


Yup, I’m in the clear!  …I just said that didn’t I.

clear and present danger!

Geeeez!  I’m sorry I missed a day or two of blogs!  And I’m sorry CLEAR is a boring word!

clear… CONTACT

A good thing to scream with an old plane so you don’t chop someone up!


I honestly didn’t get this one until I read…

crash cart

The two of you win the TAKES TWO WORDS award, for when you both have great associations, but it took both for me to stop being dumb!

… road, wind blowing in my hair

I’ve always thought going on a motorcycle road trip would rock…but I’m afraid of growing a long beard and becoming fond of large breasted women and greasy diner food.

The time Tania, Cindy, and I ditched the geology field trip at Clear Sky Lodge in Alaska.

…ooooookkkkaayyyyy…and now a word from our sponsor.

CLR – Clear! An amazing new product that instantly removes calcium, lime and rust stains that you can’t scrub away!

You know, I don’t want to be a jackass, but…oh, sorry, there’s more?

The really sad part is that I remember that stupid commercial almost verbatim, down to the stores you could buy it at. *cries*

…I was just about to say that…and I was going to suggest you cry…but you clearly are aware of the situation.  Next!

Everclear, Clearing the way for humanity!, I can see clearly now the rain is gone…, clear water, credence clearwater revival

Stream of conciousness man strikes again!  I will stream of conciousness a response: drunk, darwin, over-positive, landfill, Yennix’s dad.  It all makes sense to me!

Anywhoo, I gotta go…your answers are giving me…

Dry itchy watery eyes…get clear eyes!!!

And after that last word from our sponsor, I leave!  @Potoroo…Weekday Mornings…10 am ish…word for word…peace!

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