TAME: Tuesday, July 27th 2010

MARATHON DAY FOR BLOG!  I just realized I awarded no one last blog.  I guess awards work in relation to my sanity!  Erm…yah…TAME!  Where are we with that there thing?  I’d like to note…some folks played ‘Word Unassociation’ which we should do for fun some week…other’s played ‘Let’s tell geeky jokes!’  For instance…

Aslan. Which is weird, because he’s not a tame lion. </weak Narnia joke>

…I don’t get it…

Mae West … (because she wasn’t)

That one I get…I’m not sure which one makes me older…

Digimon tame-r

Day Two with a Tamagotcheemon reference!  We actually had TWO today! What is with you people, obsessed over little creatures that say their names over and over again?!? …hold on a second…what’s that Dur?  Newroo?  Newnewroo?  OK, I’ll be with you in a moment…I’m just doing my work here, guys. (…if you don’t get it…visit…)

Valium, ‘coz it makes you tame. ;p

Valium makes me a beast!  Tylenol makes me hallucinate!  Don’t get me on the perils of Jolt!

Tame = “don’t be such a fucking Shrew” -Shakespeare

I get it because I was in theatre!  Fun Fact: I have a B.A. Honours in Theatre…I didn’t have to read Shakespeare once to get it! *zing* There were TWO references to ‘Shrew‘ and you both get the I MAKE QUICKER REFERENCES TO SHAKESPEARE THAN A GUY WITH A THEATRE DEGREE award!


Maybe if you get the Hyena on some valium!

Tame: What us eastcoaster are not.

So true…I’m doing a Kitchen Party at that summer camp for freaks I run each year.  We have a lot of eastcoasters, including the one who made this reference, and I figure it’s about time we swing beers around to loud drinking music.

…that’s it?  I guess when I missed that Blog you…*sniff*…all gave up on me?

Actually, thank you…it makes catching up a lot easier!  You know the whole thing…@Potoroo…10 am ish…I say a word you say a word…DONE!

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