BLUE: Friday, July 23rd 2010

OK, lets get it out of the way:

It’s Blue Daba Dee Daba Da

Fantastic…you know, BLUE is one of those words I could have totally written an entire blog ‘getting things out of the way.’  For instance..lets get it out of the way…


But you surprised me, Associators, and yes I will try to capitalize each time I’m proud of you.  You’ll know I’m proud…when it’s capitalized!  That’s all I had to get out of the way!  And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…BLUE:

Bayou (x2)

Good for you!  And I assume you mean Roy Orbison…you can’t mean Linda Ronstadt.  That’d be impossible.

Flying in a Blue Dream

Notice…I say ROCK, ROLL, STAR…I get no music references…I say BLUE…I get music references. Lesson learned, and kudos for the Satriani reference!

“In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars — For Hope burns bright!”

Totally had to look this one up…BLUE Lantern?!?  How confusing! Just when I start understanding you crazy comic book nerds!  Now, ladies and gentlemen…a BLUE FANBOY!

Me! Sonic! Italy! Sky! Calm! Exciting! I LOVE blue!! ❤

That’s what they look like!!  Crazy, eh?!  Thought I’d  never see one. Colour fanboys…how crazy…anyways…next!

BlueBerries yum it makes my tummy feel nice when i associate with food X3

Another popular subject here at W.A…food.  Blueberries…we’ve bought a bunch this year, but keep forgetting about them!  Blueberries become…gross after three weeks in the fridge.

GO BLUE! *Sings “Hail to the Victors”

And a totally unpopular subject…as I assume this is a sports thing? I like sports…most people I know do not.  Growler and I used to be badminton champs…yah…we fuggin’ rock.

Velvet. I’ve only ever seen the movie in French, on CBC, on Bleu Nuit, so it’s an association two-fer. 🙂

Nice!  David Lynch reference (two references to Blue Velvet today, actually) AND a two-fer…but…is it the only one today?

@bloowuff @Bloosmoomoo! #Followfriday and tword c-c-c-combo! *giggles*

…hmmm…two-fer or combo.  OK, I award one the TWO-FER AWARD and the other the COMBO AWARD.  See…even *I* got a twofer-combo today!  Now, a word from our sponsor:

The promo code to get a free wireless headset from webex as advertised by 😀

OK…not really…but a good tip!  Now…the last entry of the day…


OOOH!  Click the word…it’ll BLOW YOUR MIND!

By the way…no one said Joni Mitchell.  Bad BAD Canadians!

Well, it’s been a week!  Join me again Monday @Potoroo around 10 am ish for another round!

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