STAR: Thursday, July 22nd 2010

I once was the STAR of a theatrical production.  Well, I guess I’d say STAR only because I was one of the two male leads, and they tend to be the STARS even though, in my humble opinion, the secondary characters are most exciting.  I played a romantic male lead.  The only role that hurt me more was being in a musical.  Never again.

I say STAR and you say…




Double Nerd!



ham o.o

…double what?!?

“I love just who you are.. I ain’t gunna try to change ya.. You are my shooting STAR.. that’s why you are my favourite.” -LMFAO

Awwww, that’s sweet…laughing at me afterwards was kinda…mean spirited!

Hey now! You’re an all-star, get your game on, go play!

Awww, that’s sweet…quoting Smashmouth at me was kinda…mean spirited!


You win the HISTORIC ANSWER OF THE DAY! Unless you meant the Yaphet Kotto movie…in which case…the award stands!


Awwww…how romantic…which is rather mean spirited of you.  I love how it’s romantic that two people are ASTROLOGICALLY DESIGNATED AS A BAD MATCH but try anyway…and die.  Friends, gentle readers, if you discover that you and your loved one are star-cross’d…FIND A NEW LOVED ONE!

Special Tactics and Rescue Squad

For some reason, STAR seems like a really lame anagram.  It would be like an army calling their elite team CUTE…come up with a clever elite team this abbreviation stands for and I’ll give you a cookie.



Dark Star! “Benson, Arizona, the warm wind through your hair, my body flies the galaxy, my heart longs to be there…”

Damn! Ya stumped me.  But I gave away my award!  Well…there’s time for one more…let’s see…a completely random association…

Condition Zero Starring Guest of Honor Potoroo

Why, what a great association!  A wonderful way to close off the game for today!  So, tomorrow follow @Potoroo …where did we hear that name recently…hmmm… at 10 am ish and associate a word!  WHEE!

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  1. CUTE: Corps of Undead Teddy Extermination

  2. Lol ..Sweety, LMFAO is the name of the group that wrote those lyrics, silly. I’m not laughing at ya. Btw awesome blog. It’s a nice way to end a day.

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