ROLL: Tuesday, July 20th 2010

Another blog a bit late…don’t judge me…it’s just how I ROLL!

There be no Word Association update!? *dies*

Crap…I’ve killed another one!  …erm…that’s just how I ROLL…it sounds less cool when it’s said after a fan dies.  I should just get on with this.

with the punches! (x2)

I’m trying to but obviously I just killed a man!

… with the changes! (REO Speedwagon)

I will…as soon as I am able! …listening to this song…people complained about Kurt Cobain…I have NO clue what this guy is saying half the time!

never gonna giv- …. kidding XD “dice” =3

You guys tried to Rick-roll me FOUR times!  How is it that when I split the two elements of Rock n Roll…ROCK and ROLL…I end up with Mega Man and Rick Astley.  Think about that people!  That’s how your brains work!


Now, there’s a pleasant one.  Makes me think of beer, refers to something that happened before the 80s (though, to be fair, REO Speedwagon was from 1978)…very nice!

Another Fat One 😀

You know, I originally thought this meant ‘Fat Roll’ which is…yah…but then I realized what it meant.  Explains this next answer that I got too…

Is it 4:20 yet?

This must be how Jon Stewart feels.  Everyone who watches me smokes up, plays video games, and is stuck in the 80s…it’s not so bad.

Roll —> …uh, nevermind… all my associations are totally lame today.

My associations are lame every day.  I would have said dinner but then I thought that was lame so I would have said rock but…that’s even worse, isn’t it.

Kaze Yo Tsutaete

Dear lord!  Must everything be about video games??

For initiative!

I guess it does.

roll off a cliff

There we go, that’s a nice violent one.

Roller derby

Also violent!  Love it!

Henry ROLLins

…also violent…and an interesting word-find.  I wonder if he was made fun of as a kid for his name.  Does it even matter anymore when you’re Henry FUCKIN’ Rollins?

Anywhoo, I must end on a geeky note, ’cause this one made me feel all warm inside…

Transform and … out!

I love the 80s!  What an awesome scene from the original show, too! You win the TRANSFORMERS ROCK AWARD!  But only the original ones.  The new ones make me sick.

Anywhoo, I gotta go! @Potoroo me tomorrow…which is actually in four minutes from now…10 am ish, we do words, OK?

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