GROUP: Wednesday, July 21st 2010

So, my attempt to get rockin’ got side-swiped by Megaman…and my attempt to get rollin’ got side-swiped by Rick Astley.  Oh, and congrats to those of you who didn’t cite the type of ‘rolling’ that aficionados of songsmiths Sasha or Digweed might be fond of.  To try to continue my Music Week (which I just titled now) I thought I’d choose a word that cannot apply to Japanese video games that I know of, and most CERTAINLY do not apply to Rick Astley. GROUP!

Sex (x2)

…really? Let’s see…we could go old school with Beatles or Stones or could be all modern with Radiohead or Arcade Fire but no…we must ‘go there.’  Alright.  I’m there…where else are you going to take me?


Yes, Group Urges…like the urge to find the dirtiest associations and use ’em?  I’m sure you’re not done yet…what’s next?


Awwwww!  That’s actually really sweet!  OK, Associators!  Let’s do it!  3…2…1…

shot :3

Now, that’s just rude!  Oh…you meant as in photograph…OK, Associators!  Group photo!  In 3…2…1…

4 Basic Food groups

…yes, alright, instead of cheese.  DAIRY!

of Seven

Ooooh, Canadiana!  Can you name the Group of Seven?  I never wanted this blog to be educational but…alright…

  • Franklin Carmichael
  • Lawren Harris
  • A.Y. Jackson
  • Franz Johnston
  • Arthur Lismer
  • J. E. H. MacDonald
  • Frederick Varley

I always thought Tom Thomson was…but I guess he just went and died too early…what’s that?  I just lost the US Audience?  And 90% of the Canadians?  DRAT!  Thank God for the Brazilians! What’s that?  They tuned out at Group Urges…you’re killing me people.  Though the two who mentioned Group of Seven get the COOL CANADA AWARD.

Blue Man

…they aren’t even really blue, you know.

Dungeons & Dragons Group

You know what…I’m gonna keep today short…and end right here. What is a GROUP of geeks called anyways?   Well, you can find out by going to @Potoroo tomorrow at 10 am ish and hearing a word, then associating one!  You’ll know that you’re part of a big GROUP of geeks…and maybe your word will win one of my arbitrary awards!  Seacrest…OUT!

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