ROCK: Monday, July 19th 2010

For those about to ROCK, we salute your associations.  I used to rock out* now I ROCK in…with words!  Whatever that means.  Let’s Begin!


Excellent…someone who also ROCK’S out.  I love that term.  What is rocking in anyways?  I will hazard a guess.


Totally!  Rockin’ hard, that’s pretty cool. Hardest I’ve ever seen someone rock…it’s hard to tell.  Violent Femmes rocked pretty hard.  …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead rocked even harder.  But Meshuggah rocked the hardest. Even with their silly accents…

Sidenote: Death Metal is the only music I can’t understand…not as in ‘the lyrics’ or ‘don’t know why people like it’…I can’t understand it fundamentally, how it works, how any member of the band knows what’s going on…yet every song is distinct and clearly they know what’s going on.  Therefore, Death Metal musicians are geniuses.

Click This For The Association

Our first visual association.  Very cute!


Awesome!  I love Rockumentaries.  I was thinking this weekend…imagine if you were filming a documentary…but within that documentary there was a rock show…and backstage a fake band was doing an interview about performing their last show.  Would that be a mockumentary within a rockumentary within a documentary? *zing*

Can’t stop the…

Very true.  Unless you redefine it, I guess.  Somehow rock tends to find a way to become easy listening or adult contemporary once it’s like…15 or 20 years old.  Imagine in 2020 when people begin considering Dragonforce to be ‘oldies.’

rockin’ the suburb!

As only Ben Folds can!  Kudos.

Rock of Ages!

Shucks…you earned a point for using ‘Rock’ but lost fifteen because it’s a musical.  Oh…I guess I never mentioned…I hate musicals…sorry, it’s going to be a bias I simply won’t be able to shake.


Notice how everyone uses exclamation points when referring to rockin’ things?  Amazing!  Now…could a video game person please explain me if this means something more than just ‘rocking’?

paper scissors (x3)

The most popular answer of the day refers to a game and not the music, which is cool.  It’s a crazy game full of intrigue and mystery!  By the way…my rock is made of lava…so it melts scissors and burns paper.  Awesome.

In a Funky Place

This was a clever answer, as the associator associated a previous answer, that of ‘hard‘ which, when added to this, becomes a Prince song.  Very clever!  I’d link it…but Prince doesn’t want anyone hearing his music for free except on the radio or if you buy British newspapers.

… Rock bottom.

Yes, if we go much further that’s where we will hit, isn’t it.  Soon ROCK will become ROXXOR and then BOXXORS will be inherently effected…so there is only one way we could end this…with the greatest ending to a song ever and once again @HikerYote takes the prize with best association:

Rock over London, rock on, Chicago! Pepsi, the choice of a new generation!

Wesley Willis.

Come to @Potoroo and find words that you think of when I say the words I say!  Then say them!  10 am or so…weekdays…done!

*Note: me and my bandmate are intending on releasing digitally remastered tracks from our high school band…yes, sounds weird, but true…so please keep an eye out as that link I just sent you to will lead to a nicer sounding song in a week or two!

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  1. To explain the MegaMan reference: Rock was Megaman’s name before he became Megaman. And his has a girlfriend named Roll.

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