FIRE: Thursday, July 15 2010

I’m rockin’ out to Top Gun Soundtrack, yo!  Which is awesome…’cause most of you chose awesome music associations for today’s word, FIRE!  Well…that…and…


You filthy filthy man. And…

Right before that I say, “Blindfold? Cigarette?”

…when ready


So much violence and murder!  Fire is a beautiful thing!

You’re Fired!

HAH!  You can’t fire me!  I don’t have a job. *sniffle*

Fire and Ice


We didn’t start the…

There we go!  Back on track, loads of awesomeness!  I used to be able to sing this song from start to finish with no breaks!  In fact…I think I did a ‘Be A Star’ tape thing of it at Canada’s Wonderland…I also did Mama Said Knock You Out, Enjoy The Silence and Good Thing…later I learned that, ironically, making your own music is cheaper than the $20 you pay out to get a karaoke recording made by hacks!

all of your guns at once, and explode into space…

CAN CON!  Sort of.  Joy!


Sexy!  I wish I had mad skillz like that!  Sidenote, Larry Greene – Through The Fire just came on…FUCKIN’ A!  That’s my association of the day!

Fire Fight (Pew pew!)

You can’t hit me, I have an invisible force field!  Mr. Super Answer in three…two…one…

Fireflies, Firestarter (You’re a firestarter twisted firestarter (hey hey hey)), Fire Truck, Fire Fighter, Firey, Fireplace, Firefly (Awesome Sci-fi show)

That’s the second Firefly reference in as many days.  Maybe someone can win the TRIPLE award tomorrow!!!

…Scooter, Mortal Kombat Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 …..FIIIIYAAA! (HEY HEY HEY!!)

Hey…that’s not Top Gun worthy!  But, sir, it’s the answer I would expect from you.  Actually, I might’ve expected this from you too, but someone else was clever enough to suggest it:

Mans Pole *titters*

did you catch the double meaning?  Hee hee…hee…

Kill it with fire! (Also, from Beavis&Butthead: “Big Boobs and FIRE!!!”)

Back to the violence, eh?  Well…we might as well finish off with the super answer of the day…here it is:

Crowded theatre

Finally, someone has usurped the MORBID ANSWER OF THE DAY award!  And it’s also my favourite answer of the day.  Hence why I left it for the end.  Save the best for last, right?  Right?!?

Wanna join in tomorrow?  EASY!  Just follow @Potoroo on Twitter at 10 am ish, see the word, say a word, done!  Now, I must go make fire and make food.  Delish!

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