DRY: Friday, July 16th 2010

Wanna know what I love most about you guys?


Yah, I went there.  I love everything about you.  And I am going to take the opportunity today to let you know exactly how and why I am filled with this love…using your very own words.  Let’s begin shall we?  And, I promise…it shant be DRY!

Dry roo

I love that, on occasion, you acknowledge me while answering.  It makes me feel special…and here, a double acknowledgement, as I’m positive you’re acknowledging my DRY wit!  Quite.  Quite.


I love your taste in drinks.  Proper.  Gin, chilled with ice, poured into that iconic glass with delicious olives, not skewered but instead laying at the bottom as if to say ‘I’m a treasure you receive when you finish your delicious beverage.’  The vermouth but a whisper…perhaps just bottle touching glass.  Class!


…class…erm…I love your…concern for others, yes, concern.  Always there for a friend when they’ve perhaps had too many dry martinis.  And have already…expelled the fluid…next?

DRY weather for once please

See, there!  Concern.  Wishing for the comfort of others!  I love that in you!  Thank you, gentle soldier.


I’m sorry…please repeat your answer?

Wait, let me spell that right, Prohibition. 😀

Ah yes, prohibition.  Here we have reference to history (which, you must know I have a degree in…) and a polite correction of spelling.  You don’t like to leave things incorrect.  An eye for detail.  I love it!


…I love…that you…respect another person’s…request…to remain clothed…and also your determination?  Yes…yes, that is what I love…yes…

high and _____

I love your musical references!  Ah yes, The Bends…classic!

I’m gonna make my mouth so dry for you…

That’s…confusing and strange.  Love…yesyes…Ummm…I love…your intention…to do something for me…no matter how misdirected…because it’s the thought that counts!  Yes.  I love your thoughts!

I’m dry of inspiration. #woewoeisme

I love that you feel we can talk…that you can open up to me and tell me your problems, perhaps work with me to help you find a solution.  I love the close connection we have!

socket 8x

I love your nerdiness and the ability to stump me.  I love that I sometimes have no clue what you people are talking about and have to figure it out.


I love that you guys remind me what I’m doing!  I have laundry I have to change over to the dryer!  I would’ve never remembered without your help.  I love that!

The eyes. THE EYES!

I love…your random outbursts?


I love your passion for renovating…


I love your interest in…outdated professions?


I love your…word invention?  What’s going on?

…use some spit

Now come on, let’s not get our minds in the gutter here…sorry.  I should be ‘loving’ not ‘lecturing.  I love your…thoughtfulness.


I love how you spot the words I say in other words that are unrelated…unless you’re a wizard in the desert I guess…dear lord look what you’ve done to me!  I’m disoriented and confused.  I’m trying to find love for every word but some are just…confusing!  DRY HUMPING?  Really?

I should probably check out before I lose all love for you guys…

Vaginal Wash, to ease dryness down there. :3

And…done.  This is why we can’t have nice things, people.  Congrats…you get the TMI ASSOCIATION thus making you the most well-awarded person for ‘going there.’ Thankfully I didn’t go with my original choice for a word today…reaching out to my friends in Quebec and France with the word for ‘SHOWER’ to see what you’d associate.

…I love you guys…honestly…really…I love you guys.

And that’s it for me today!  Tune in Monday for @Potoroo and my word association bonanza!  I’m off to…moisturize…

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  1. So much love ❤
    We love you too, roo. I know I do. :3

  2. I dunno if I can love you yet for you an entity on the net, but soon I shall meet the roo in person and find out if all is true! *epic movie pose*

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