THE: Wednesday, July 14th 2010

Today was an experiment.  I wanted to take a word that wasn’t selected because of it’s ability to be twisted, or have multiple meanings, or it’s ability to be used descriptively in a unique way.  No…I wanted a word that defied all of that.  A word that was neutral, and blank, and devoid of anything useful.  A word…dare I say…that is unassociable!

I say THE, and you say…


GOOOO!  Shocking and life-destroying, you are.  Interesting, your answer has multiple meanings…perhaps the rapper?  Perhaps a specific game from your youth like Rummikub or Backgammon.  But no…I know what you meant.  And you, sir, have lost.  You.

The The (x2)

Can I hand out another DOUBLE ROCK award?  Oh…I guess not…it didn’t turn red.  Well, I want to…’cause you both do.  I love The The.  Dusk was one of my favourite albums of all time.  I even bought the t-shirt when I was in New York on a trip the year it was released…my friends were buying Nine Inch Nails…I was buying The The.  Kudos.  And love.

“Die” as in “Die Bart, die.”

The Simpsons AND the German language live on in this association!  I love German…despite it being my lowest mark in University.  57.  I’m not ashamed.

Only way to travel.

Is by Norco Rideau bicycle.  If only they paid me. Growler says it’s Norco VFR D4.  Let’s just agree it’s Norco.


Cue scary music! I want one of these.  Watched the Octopus Project rock one once.  ROCK ONE!

The F*#@?

I know, right?  Theramins and Bicycles and 90s rock acts!!!  THE is totally f*#@ed!  Something tells me there was plenty of theremin in…

The day the Earth caught fire

Honestly…of all movies…this?  Actually…that’s pretty cool!


must…hold back…speciesist comment…those who know me well know what I’m holding back.  It’s not the association itself…it’s…the association of the association…*gag* I need Mr. Multi-Answer to get me out of this one…

The Dark Knight, The Batman, The Thing, The White Stripes, Del The Funkee Homosapien, The House on Haunted Hill, “THE one”, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The ROCKET(Richard), The Iron Shek

Know what I got most out of that one…ready for it?  Ready?  MISTADOBILINAMISTABOBDOBILINA!

The Amazing Potoroo


I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!

Hey…The F*#@? guy…right?  Right?


I didn’t get this one…but man did Growler get excited explaining it to me.  He gasped “AVOID THE NOID!” the second I went to wiki to figure it out.  So you win the GROWLER GASP OF APPROVAL award!  You, sir, are the…

Definite Article

I’m sure that was meant for me.  Cause I am.  Article of what, I’m not sure.


And I’m not sure if this is the only person who associated THE with the thing they saw in front of them at the time.  They saw a stuffed panda.  They said panda!  Probably the purest form of THE association.  Gah…I should probably stop this soon…if only we had a logical association to finish with…


A fitting association for the purposes of doing so! Kudos!

Tomorrow, at 10 am ish, if you’re following @Potoroo you too can say things that end up here!  All you need is to see a word and say the first thing that comes to mind!  Awesome!

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  1. Mr.Bobdombalina! 😛

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