SHINY: Tuesday, July 13 2010

If I were to say the word today was SHINY what would your association be?

*gets distracted and doesn’t complete word association*

Correct.  That is the answer.  This was brought up to me multiple times today. Yes…I was distracted by shinies…I forgot to put the BEST blog up yesterday…not best as in best, best as in BEST…that makes sense, right?

I digress.  It’s nice to know you read the blog…and will be quick to tell me if I screw up.  Kudos!  Now, more SHINY!

bite my ______ metal ass!

*gasp* My word!  Why is your ass metal?  And what did I do?!?

Kaywinnit Lee Frye

Clever answer!  Crazy answer, actually.  That couldn’t happen twice in the same association, though…


I wish there was a proper way of writing the action-noise combo of eyes bugging out, jaw dropping, and going ‘Whhhhhhaaaa??!?!’ but…I’ll have to describe it instead.  DUO OF THE WEEK!  I’d like to say great minds think alike…but I’ve met both of you! *zing*


happy people dancing….

The answer that came to my mind too!  Kudos, I guess our great minds think alike…yes…our minds are great. *stares at the Whedon geeks*  Stream of conciousness man returns in three…two…one…

Shiny Toy Guns, Shiny Money, Shiny Car, Shiny Teeth (Bling Bling!), Mr Shiny Golden Sun

…yesterday it was the burrito…now it’s ‘Mr. Shiny Golden Sun’? I think your brain runs out of gas sometimes!

And that’s it for today!  A short one…I guess everyone WAS distracted by shinies!  I’m gonna go and bike or something, kick my brain back in gear. @Potoroo, 10 am ish, weekdays, blah blah you know the drill!

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  1. Yes my brain is running out of gas, I require a vacation away in Toronto and New York hanging out and chillin.

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