BEST: Monday, July 12th 2010

So…I’m a day late.  No excuses, I was just lazy and easily distracted (hence the word being used on Tuesday, which is actually today, although…let’s pretend it’s Monday)…OOOH, it’s Monday, what a beautiful day!  One might say the BEST day of the week?!

…by ‘one’ I mean a single person in the world believes this.  And it’s the guy who sits in a room on an island somewhere and collects money from every working person on Earth.  You know that person exists.  They have to.

Today is a short one…it’s summer, people are busy…so…I say BEST you say…


“Bacon pie does sound delicious.” What a strange answer!

..thing since sliced bread!

Yes…strange answers can be cool.  Anyone even MORE positive than this guy?


OH LOOK!  It’s the guy with all our money…or a crazy cultist…or someone who’s brain is wired to only be happy.  Everyday is the best?!  Sounds like a self-helpy thing!

Buds 🙂

Man, for once I put up a positive word and the associations are all sappy and pleasant…I’m torn!  It’s what I always wanted, but…is it what I truly desire?  Could there be, say…a stream of positive BEST related words?

Best Burrito, Best Friend, Best Companion, Best Dog, Best Time

…does anyone else find ‘burrito’ to be out of place?  Is that like…the name of a taco place?  Did you know in Oklahoma I once saw SIX Taco Bell rip offs…I don’t mean INCLUDING Taco Bell, like…they have THAT many taco chains down there.

Personal Best

Here is a list of my personal bests:

  • Longest I stayed awake: 52 hours
  • Most stick-to-it-iveness with a project: 350 comic strips for I.D.D.
  • Most pushups in a row: 70
  • Highest Rank in a High School Track and Field Tournament: 1st place, 200m dash, Wellington County

Fantastic!  You know what would go well with those…if you imagine to yourself a montage of me doing all those things, and the following playing in the background:

You’re the Best, around… and nothing’s ever gonna bring you down!

BEST ANSWER IN WORD ASSOCIATION THUS FAR!! And TWO of you did it, so I will single you out with this award.  Congrats to @HikerYote and @NotTube for the amazing association.

OK…I gotta go…I have to get TODAY’S association blog done…I mean, tomorrow’s…I mean…gah.

…*I’m the best…around…nothing’s ever gonna keep me down…*

@Potoroo is where you go to join in the fun! 10 am ish…Weekday Mornings…Joy!

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