CHAIN: Thursday, July 8 2010

I honestly can’t remember how this word became the word today.  I know I looked at something, saw CHAIN and decided it would work.  In hindsight, I wouldn’t normally choose a word like CHAIN.  Because you all have dirty minds.  But something compelled me, and now I’m here, and you have spoken, and these are the words spoken…from which…you…have…?


We always start off SOOO chipper, don’t we?  Good answer…how’s about something more upbeat!

gang (x3)

The most popular answer of the day…either literal and referring to jailed men chained and working…or to the song, which at least has an element of upbeatedness to it…musically speaking.


There we go!  Being on a boat is fun!  I knew we could come up with something nice!


so yah, I used to smoke, quit this January, happy I did but wish I’d be trimmer with all this new energy and not-run-out-of-breathedness


…as in a ‘chain’ of islands?  Good answer!

for fear of being branded a neeeeerd again I choose the dull: link

No…gimme the geek answer!

fine then! 😛 chomp!

…NERD! 😉 Actually, this is my AWESOME ANSWER OF THE DAY! I knew what you meant the second I saw ‘chomp!’ Kudos!  Now…someone…chain together a crazy pile of words all stream-of-conscious like!  We could call it a…


Tee Hee!  GO!

chain link fence, chain of command, ball & chain, Venus Love-Me Chain!! f’ed up train of thought, no? ;3

Interesting…anyone else?

Chain Gang, Gold Chain, Chain saw, interchanging laws

Nice!  Anyone else?!?!

anchor chain, tug boat chain, garbage chain, chain of falling dominos, chain reaction

And one more for good measure!

Ball and… BALL! Ballballball…

Erm…OK…That was fun.  Now, back to normal stuff!

Ropes and chains excite me?

Whips and

I SAID NORMAL! ‘course, that’s normal for you crowd!  Anyone got a musical association?

Alice In Chains

Nice!  Something more obscure?

The Pretenders

NICE!  COOL MUSIC REFERENCE OF THE DAY! Any other cool references?

rule (from elementary calculus)

…elementary calculus isn’t cool!

Stop Yankin My Chain!

My words exactly!

It’s off the chain dog!

Wha?  Is that some colloquialism?  I know what I think of when I think ‘Chain’ and ‘Dog’…

Chain?! … Leash!? Walk!? WALK! WALK! WALK! WALK! WALK!!!!!

Great minds think alike.  Anywhoo, that’s it for me today!  Join in tomorrow for an explosive cliffhanger of a Friday word!  Something so spectacular you won’t BELIEVE IT!  Hit up @Potoroo for your chance to be a part of HISTORY!

…or I’ll just post some word and you can like…associate something.  Dag.

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