FAN: Wednesday, July 8 2010

It’s time for the daily joyblog of Word Associationism!  …associationistism?  I chose the word FAN because I needed one just to sit in the room with my computer.  I also chose it because I know many people who are FANS of things so I figured I’d get some diverse results.  I then watched the World Cup game, and around 4:30 pm today I became bored with soccer/football again.  In 2014 things should be exciting once more, but it seems to be my curse: get excited about something…it’s going to get stolen away by the Spanish.

…KIDDING!  I’m just kidding, geez!  OK!  I say FAN you say…

Fantastic (x4)

Probably the most positive start to one of these things!  I got four fantastics!  Anything else…perhaps a variation on the word…that I am fond of?

Fantabulous (x2)

You both win the I KNOW ROO AWARD of the week! Pink, of course.  Man, I’m parched.

Fanta (Fanta Fanta! Want a Fanta?)

SHAMELESS ADVERTISING!  You work for Fanta, don’t you!  What are you?  Some kind of Fanta…


When you add that -atic to the word it kinda changes, doesn’t it?  For instance…”Sports Fanatic” sounds almost dangerous.  Now let’s add it to other words, like ‘Anime Fanatic,’ ‘Furry Fanatic,’ ‘Video Game Fanatic.’  That last one scares me.

Dance (x2)

Notty notty, you two.  Notty.

“Champ Bear: Hey, sports fans!” xD

My lord, is this a Care Bear reference?  Kudos…I went to see that original movie in theatres,  ya know!  Don’t you DARE look it up on IMDB…I’ll deny everything.


Something else ‘fanatics’ do…my favourite is slash fan fiction…where Harry and Draco finally make love, or Captain Kirk can head up Babylon 5 or something else geeky.  GEEKS!

tessenjutsu (obscure geek answer)

Thanks for clarifying! After researching, I appreciate your answer…though I’ve always found scenes in martial arts films with fan fighting to be kinda…you know…’effeminate.’  Are we allowed to say that without sounding gay?  Four Answers in Three…Two…One…

final fantasy, fangs, Fancy, fantasy

Nerdy, Sexy, Girly, Geeky…Kudos! speed! Atomic conditioning to power! #batman #nerd #waytoohot


…fucking fanboys!

I know, right!  I had a fanboy once…in 2007.  He was real bad at it.  He told me he was a fanboy, but then never contacted me again.  Which probably means he wasn’t a fanboy.  Check that.  I’ve never had a fanboy.  I’ll be over here…wallowing in the corner…unloved and unwanted…

…useless; AC please!

What??  You’d like me to go to AC so you can be a fanboy?!?  …oh, I understand…a FAN is useless, you prefer Air Conditioning.  It seems the common situation is lack thereof, though:


Fan: something I should have boguth and not be dying from the heat 😛

Or, FANS are liars:

Number 1 Fan!

Oh…I didn’t mean that one, I meant this one…

“Do you have 3 settings? LIAR!! My fan f-ing lied to me!”

…I hope my Number 1 fan isn’t lying to me.  I need him…



…come back tomorrow for more…fun?  @Potoroo, weekdays, 10 am ish…please don’t go!

(PS…I’m joking…about the wallowing…I hope by now you realize that I’m a dork…but at least I’m not a NEEERRRRRD!)

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