PURE: Tuesday, July 6 2010

Last week, I chose words that were seedy in an attempt to draw the worst out of you all.  And instead, you came up with clever answers.  I wanted to draw out…

PURE evil!! Muhahahahha!

No…worse…I wanted to draw PURE…

unadulterated evil

…so, today, I chose a word so PURE that it could ONLY draw evil answers!  I mean, when I say stuff like BODY or BALL you gave me electric and base!  So, now I give you PURE!


Morning (x4)

…oh, I see, music references.  Yes, Placebo is the most popular answer. You guys are friends indeed…but LIGHTNING SEEDS IS BETTER!

Lightning Seeds!

Dude, this answer filled me with joy juice.  The Lightning Seeds, a nearly forgotten but ‘awesome’ band from the UK was one of my ‘independence’ bands.  I was introduced to them in 1997 on my first solo road trip, this one in particular to Maryland, St. Mary’s City to be specific…you get THE MUSIC REFERENCE OF THE WEEK AWARD. And my love.


I KNOW, RIGHT?!?  The album Jollification just pumps me up!!

dr. strangelove ref a go-go!

…I honestly couldn’t figure out if this was just something I missed, a random mention on Twitter that I missed, or something completely subtle and clever.  I want to give you an award…but I’m too confused to work the red pen!  OK, come on…I say PURE, you say…

Um.. er… I can’t think of anything associated with that. I’ve no purity left.

Are we that corrupt a bunch of internet denizens?


I’m starting to feel totally prudish now!

homogenous. :p

Now you’re just insulting me!  I wouldn’t consider myself PURE but I’m not…PRUDE…there’s a whole extra D in that one!

..ity of Essence. Do you understand me, Mandrake?

OH!  Now I get the Dr. Strangelove reference…that’s what happens when I read things backwards.  Is my face red?

Purell (x2)

Wow, when we think PURE we think hand sanitizer.  When I think hand sanitizer I think ‘When I Used To Smoke’ 😉  Not PURE!

I say Mashed Potatoes!

This one came with a link. I would have also accepted ‘Blender.’  Who can pump a bunch out in less than three seconds??

Adrenaline, Pure Orange Juice, Pure Wattage, Pure Awesome, Pure Strength

My favourite is Pure Awesome.  Imagine trying to handle that?  In it’s PUREST form?  What is the purest form of awesome, anyways?

OK…I saved the…best?…for last.  I used the word PURE specifically to find someone like this horrible…horrible man.  This is less morbid than the ‘miscarriage’ answer from the first week, but in my books does just as good a job of taking a word like PURE and turning it into something that would make some people cry, others cringe, and the last batch ooh, ahhh and titter amongst themselves.  Here it is…I say PURE…you said…



If you’d like to join in the rip roaring fun follow @Potoroo on weekday mornings and watch for the word around 10 am ish.  The blog is posted sometime between 7 pm and whenever-I-get-away-from-the-stove.  Love you.  Bye bye.

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  1. I believe the Dr. Strangelove reference is specifically referring to the crazed general, who sees the Commies as a threat to “The purity of our natural fluids.”

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