LIST: Monday, July 5 2010

A quick one today…there is a heat wave that made Toronto go dark enough to earn a hashtag, I’m all sunburnt, and really…with a word like this…do you want anything more complicated than a LIST? 😉

I’m so clever!!  I made the word into a funny!!  This is gonna be fun!

Schindler’s List (x3)



Yes it is!

submerging … client corrected that to “sobering” for some reason.

…I still don’t understand it!  Submerging list! You must explain!

Because your kiss, your kiss is on my _____ 😛

The smiley sez it all…tongue out…AIM and some programs replace it so it’s a smiley, but it’s always been a tongue of disappointment or shame to me.  Shame…for shame, sir.


Here is my Bucket List:

  1. Go to New Orleans and hear a Dixieland jazz band live
  2. Play Hillside Festival in Guelph
  3. Get a tattoo of a tail that goes from the base of my spine and wraps around my leg
  4. Meet Aimee Mann
  5. Learn to play traditional banjo

Oh my lord…all my bucket list is about music…and all of it will DEFINITELY get me groupies…especially #5…SEXY!


What? My bucket list offends you?  Oh…do you mean a Death Pool???  Alright…here’s my Death Pool:

  1. Fidel Castro
  2. Mickey Rooney
  3. Brett Michaels (…sorry…the guy needs to take it easy!)
  4. Sean Connery (…sorry…it’s a REALLY weird brain feeling)

…I’m not choosing a 5th cause I already feel bad…send complaints to


Here’s my current To-Do list:

  1. Finish this blog
  2. Eat chicken burgers
  3. Drink hot chocolate…for some god awful reason
  4. Fall asleep
  5. Dream of sexy men with gargoyle wings who like Oreo ice cream sandwiches in a world where calories don’t count




Are you insinuating something?  Should I be scared?

Black listed

WHY?  What did I do?!?  It’s the Sean Connery thing, isn’t it!!! I would’ve chosen Gordon Lightfoot but he already died this year!

He’s makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice…

Every year Christmas gets earlier and earlier…I swear I saw a display going up around Easter!

Lazily to the left?!

Awesome answer!!! You win the AWESOME ANSWER award of AWESOMENESS

to the starboard.

…no, to the LEFT! I guess that’s all the lists that matter…


My point stands!

If I missed you, or you were late…which is hard, since really, I’M late on this one, I’ll try to get you into the late entries this weekend, which will include last weeks late entries, since sunburns, Pride and a lack of late entries made last weekend’s kinda useless. Join in the fun @Potoroo around 10 am ish each weekday morning.  G’day to you, kind sirs and madams.  I’m gonna go eat my chicken burgers now and…well…now you know my whole evening.

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  1. To list can mean to tilt to one side, as in “the ship was listing to port,” which means it was tipping to the left as facing forward. (blackfeather)

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