BALL: Friday, July 2nd 2010

TGIF!  Telekinetic Gratification Is Fantabulus!  It’s Friday, and Friday of Pride.  In 2002, when I was a lowly coffee jockey in Guelph, I used to draw comics and I distinctly remember the one of three flowers announcing “Happy Pride! Happy Canada Day! Happy World Cup!” Well, yesterday I did the Pride/Canada Day blend, and today, the World Cup gets its chance.  And what other word better than BALL to represent the two?!?

“Teeheehee **points finger** He said ‘ball’!”

yes…BALL…I guess it’s kinda funny!

…BALL…like as in party with dancing!  Now everyone,

Ball’s in your court.

Let’s get it on!

not touching that one

I don’t understand! You don’t like dancing or sports?


Seeee??  Baseball!  That’s a nice answer!  Heh heh…imagine if they were referring to getting to a base…like second base…ooh, I’m notty!

Ball? BALL! Ballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballballball!

Heee hee!  A reference to an animated dog being silly!  I love these fun word associations!


I love dodgeball!  We do a Staff vs. Camper game every year at Feral!  Delightful and fun!


a chicken, bacon and tomato sandwich?  Sounds delicious!  Have no clue how that relates to balls, unless you mean you’re HAVING one eating it!  Joy!


…something tells me you guys are giving this particular word association a different meaning…an almost…seedy approach!


Yes!  Dropping the ball, as in to fail or do wrong!

(like during puberty)

wait a second…teabagging…CBT…you’re not touching this one.  OH LORD!  What have I done???

As expected my answer is not pg 13 …

Has ANYONE even tried?  I’m starting to question the baseball answer!


Oh, NICE one!  Like, to air ’em out, is that what you mean? *whisper* Oh…good…we’re back on track!

-room Dancing

Wonderful!  The Aussies like their ballroom dancing.  Fun!

Football, Soccer, Disco Ball, Golf Ball, Basketball, Cricket Ball, You’re on the Ball!, Foul Ball!

*dances* So much fun and stuff!  I just wanna dance and play sports!


That’s it…I’m done for today! *goes to shower*

Today…for FRIDAY’S GAY ENTRY I’m going to be controversial.  The winner today is Ballroom Dancing…because it’s the gayest thing you can do off the ice!

Join in tomorrow!  Unless I’m hungover, we’ll have a special weekend edition followed by the late edition, by request for a friend!  You can do so @Potoroo

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