RED: Thursday, July 1st 2010

For all my friends in the United States…HAH!  We got to OUR national celebration first, which in the grand scheme of things…means we see cool fireworks events…slightly sooner than you?  Score! It’s Canada Day…and Pride Week…so I needed to find a word somehow reminiscent of both, and for that, I chose the most scarlet of rouges, RED!  Of course, RED being a very Canadian colour.  And…there are various ways you could interpret RED into the world of Pride!  Let’s see how people do!  I say RED you say…

Green (x2)

…just…wow!  OK, both of you definitely win today’s CANADIAN OF CANADA DAY AWARD even though, last I checked, neither of you are! You also managed to answer a colour association with another colour.  Kudos!  Next?


There you guys go with your fooding again!  It’s like dealing with a bunch of…starving…hungry people.  Today I ate at a place called Glow…it doesn’t offer buns with it’s burgers, served veggie puree with multigrain crisps as a snacker before the meal came, and offered minimal calorie shot-glass deserts at the end.  We had stuffed figs for appetizers.  Take that, Red Lobster!

Alert (3)

OH LORD!  Three Red Alerts!!! That must mean three bad things are coming!  What are they?!?!




Two of those just make me think of the coolest furry con concept I’ve heard in years, the last one just makes me think of a horrible…HORRIBLE scheduled Hollywood remake.  Really?  Do we really need Red Dawn remade? It reminds me of when they continued The Crow franchise after Brandon Lee died.  Swayze just left us months ago…can’t we hold off on ruining an already cheesy film??


CRAP!  Where are the scary twins?  Big wheels were never more terrifying.  Honestly, I’m more scared that the kid made his finger talk.  At least anthropomorphize a teapot or a stuffed animal.  Your finger?  Really?

Rock as in, “Rock the Red! C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!) 😛

…I cry inside…come on, folks!  Red!  RED! REDDDD!

… yess? Hello?

Sez @Redregon…tee hee! Thank god I didn’t choose the word ‘fox’ or some other common furry animal.  Honestly, I gotta branch out…all my friends dress like animals in their spare time.


Oooh…planning for a bloody good time? *shamelessplug*  Anyways, that’s about it…oh…wait!  Four people are lining up, they all seem to want to submit an association.  OK, that’s fair enough!  I’m sure all four will be clever, unique, and in NO way make me contemplate turning this fun-loving game into a PG13 rule-riddled adventure, nor a triple-x romp of debauchery.  No way, no how…so, tell me gentlemen, what would you like to say?

Red Rocket

Red Rocket

Red Rocket

Red Rocket

…oh, like Toronto’s Transit Commission?

(no, not the TTC…)

…I hate you guys.

Deary me…to avoid a hellstorm of insults, due to the lack of any clearcut Gay Entries of the Day, I’m going to skip the obvious one (because, really, it has nothing to do with Pride, and may have a lot to do with the lack thereof…*zing*) and award Redregon with THURSDAY’S GAY ENTRY. Not only because he is gay…but because the entry was too!


Tomorrow ends our Pride Week Spectacular so if you’d like to associate something gay with a word I say it’s only a click away!  YAY! @Potoroo is who you do it to…erm…with…umm…Follow Roo on Friday ‘morn and you will get to watch some…word associatiorn!

Take THAT everyone who said I wasn’t a poet!

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  1. Alert Status Red, but the sun comes up insteaddddd.

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