FLOAT: Wednesday, June 30 2010

I would start off with something witty or clever but…really…I can’t think of anything!  I saw a big Pride flag downtown today.  Does that count?  Let’s begin!  The word today is a delicious one that also has a double-queertendre meaning as I continue the Pride Week Phenomena (do doooo do-do-do): FLOAT!

Root Beer (x3)

Once again, the majority, including an Ice Cream variation turn to tasty treats!  NO one said parade, and only one association even hinted at pride.  For shame.  Worse…


Was mentioned twice.  Once as (the cousin of Yellow Submarine) which offers additional bathroom humour elements.  Which…I do actually appreciate…but during Pride week? *disappointed head droop, slow judgement shake*


I’m starting to wish it did…let’s see what is the next association!  It has to be pleasant!

Dead things

They certainly do float!  And you were SOOOO close to the Super Secret Association of the Day, which will be revealed later!  If this was a reality show, that would mean thirty minutes…but this is a short blog, so probably in sixty seconds or less.


Modest Mouse had two references today, which was pleasing.  I love this song!


Something I know a lot about!  …other people’s money…but I’ve dealt with them many times…for other people.

go-go studs

WEDNESDAY’S GAY ENTRY, and methinks we have someone who’s thinking a lot about this weekend, ’cause they’ve pulled in the lead two to one for gay references this week! Kudos!


Floaties (waterwings)

One saves you in a plain crash, one if you are a child and can’t swim!  We want water wings for our stuffed animal, Dur.  Those who know him may chuckle to themselves now.

Boredom (no world cup!)

I love how half the world breathes a sigh of vuvuzelaless (say that three times fast!) relief, and the rest are frustrated!  Sorry, that’s not accurate…80% of the world is frustrated. You know what they say: whatever…

your boat (x3)

I love this saying…and honestly, I don’t get it!  I know what it means but…really?  Whatever floats yer boat?  I don’t like the cut of that jib.

We all float down here (x2)

@HikerYote, one of our regular contributors and oft winner of awards, caught this one just ahead of @Breve_Pup for getting the SECRET ANSWER!  I’ll probably do this from time to time…when an association just pops in my head and it’s not 100% obvious I’ll set it as the secret answer, and if you get it, I humiliate you in front of all my blog readers!  HAH HAH!  It’s like being mocked in a small room of kindergardeners!  HAH!  But, honestly, do try to guess it, it’s very fun.

Also, both of you get the FIRST ASSOCIATORS MENTIONED award, though Hiker’s is much bigger because it has a secret answer award hot glued to it.  Kudos!

Now, it’s getting late, so it’s time to float…


Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun.  Spread the love, tell your friends to tune in at 10 am weekday mornings on channel @Potoroo to associate!  What do we always say?  DON’T GET ASSOCIATED!

…no…NO, DO get associated!  Gah, stupid pop-culture references!

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