OUT: Tuesday, June 29 2010

Continuing my ‘Pride‘ series I have chosen a word that has taken on a completely new meaning since being associated with those happy gay folks.  The Rainbow as a symbol, Pride as a statement, and hell…even ‘gay’ no longer means what it used to.  Closeted?  No more!  You must come OUT!

…er Space

…OK, gay nerds think differently.  Much like me…no fashion sense, lacking interior design skills, and tend to jump to geekery before gayery.

in and out, up and down, that’s the way the worl goes round! Who can name the movie??

GASP!  An association is also a game within my own game?  I’ll play along: answer in comments!  Do you know?!

I’m going with “Damn Spot,” because I’m a literature nerd.

Well, you aren’t alone.  I counted three uses of ‘Spot‘ as an association.  I’m upset I received no ‘Vile Jellies’ though.

Yessir! *scoffs out*

What a strange answer!!! You guys are getting…

of control

I think we need a…


Yes, time out here.  Where’s my Prideish answer?  Someone’s gotta have one!

OUTlandish, like the hot studs & the drag queens during Pride. ;3

Excellent!  You officially have claimed TUESDAY’S GAY ENTRY.  Kudos!


I’m shocked at how nerdy my friends are! Unless you are referring to ACTUAL nuclear fallout, or a relationship fallout, or a defenestration…which is kind of a forced window fallout.

OUT there, where? Somewhere over the rainbow.

Gasp! Literally 11 minutes too late for the Gay Award ® but a good call!  I’ve had two totally-unrelated-to-Pride Judy Garland references this week…one today and one yesterday.  Perhaps it will continue.

shutout, campout, close out

A triple play!  Good answers…sporty…campy…businessy!


Apparently a great song by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott. I will need to check it out…as I’m stumped as to the song or the artists!!! Kudos.  STUMP OF THE WEEK.

And now…for the strangest entry…yes, stranger than all the rest.  Please…brace yourselves:

Outdoors Indoors Luxury Barbecue with Finger Goods Buffet

Could somebody PLEASE explain this to me?  I’m worried that Googling it will either break my computer or send an advertising rep with bad hair to my doorstep!

And I end there!  As the immortal Shakespeare said:


…as in…+O

Why are you still here?  We don’t start again until tomorrow at 10 am-ish @Potoroo!!  Come back then!  GTF!  YO!!

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  1. There was a typo in that. It should be “Outdoors Indoors Luxury Barbecue with Finger Foods Buffet” conspired by none other than Hyacinth Bucket. Obviously you don’t watch ’90s Britcoms…


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