BODY: Monday, June 28 2010

New week, new word, new blog.  We have found ourselves with a core group of associators, so now it is up to you…my children…to build our flock.  Oh…man…I’m starting to sound like a cult leader…on second thought, just tell yer friends!  That doesn’t sound as culty…right?

On to the word!  I decided on the delightful word BODY in an attempt to hopefully draw some positive, perhaps seedy, responses from this crew of associators who so often see the dark side of words.  Let’s see the words they associated!


Oh…no…you don’t mean…

(With Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud!)

I was expecting something like ‘naked’ or ‘sweaty’ and I got nothing like that.  Instead, I get references to health initiatives.  Thanks for your PARTICIPACTION but…really?

Rock (x2)

Beware BODY Rock, for it may date you. My first thought was Lee Aaron.  After I confirmed the associators intention, I also realized it could mean Moby. Lee puts in in the 1989 crowd…Moby in the 1999 crowd…both mean you’re getting old, but not as old as Mr. Participaction! *duck*


…hit the floor.

As in ‘Let the bodies…’ which I associate with dance music but really, when you think about it, bodies hitting the floor at a rave or club is kinda…gangstery…even machinegunny isn’t it…

Movin (x2)

TWO people made reference to the Beastie Boys, thus earning the first ever DOUBLE COOL AWARD. That is, you are both cool.

I should start making sure people are cool with me using their names and setting up a part of the blog with Updated Award Statuses…


You all everybody! You all everybody!

Holy Christ!  Two awards in one day!  Congratulations for the first CRAZY LOST REFERENCE AWARD! That is…totally…cool!  You know, I named the ant on my shoulder Charlie.  Yes…after Charlie from Lost.  I know someone who named their kid Desmond after Desmond.  I wonder how many people choose NOT to call their children Ben now.


Good Canadian answer, there.  We’ve had this twice now…when was the last time…OH YAH!  When CHECK was the word of the day!  Good association!


And I make the total Pride jump: I Sing the Body Electric –> Walt Whitman –> GAYLORD!  This being Pride Week here in Toronto (delayed for stupidity) I want to make sure ALL words this week are…kinda…gay.  I was expecting a lot more dirty gay answers with BODY but they never happened!  So, I decree Electric to be MONDAY’S GAY ENTRY. You will receive a toaster sometime…in the future.

And that’s it for today!  Tune in tomorrow @Potoroo around 10 amish to join in the fun!  What gayish word will I choose?!?  What random word will you associate?  Who will win an award??  Why does it feel like I’m sitting in a sauna when I’m clearly in my house?! These answers and many more will be answered!

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  1. What! Ben is awesome! I could name my kid Ben!

  2. Lol. *noogies the roo* Not my fault the damn tv plays them damn Bodybreak commercials too often and it was like the first thing that popped into my head was the stupid theme from the commercial. Also yes Beastie Boys ftw, Body Movin always had that bizarre like 70s video which was hilarious.

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