HUNT: Friday, June 25 2010

So, have you had an EPIC week?  I dunno…between my roomie’s sunBURN, and nearly getting BOOKed at a police CHECKpoint, I’d say it’s been at least eventful. (heh…heh…that’s ridiculous!)

So, I’m on the HUNT for some good answers!  ROCK ON! Anyone got some kind of crazy, violent, murderous, animal exploding association?


…yes…very good…NEXT?

Helen Elizabeth Hunt. 😀 Fo’ real.

…Really?  We’re doing this?


Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout! PEW, PEW, kapow! *gun noises*




YAH!  Kill the fox, drink it’s blood, gunpowder makes me all VIOLENT and MANLY!

In the interests of keeping this word association family friendly, “bunt.”

…hey!  I know what you were going to say!  Tsk tsk.


Yes…I suppose that’s a hunt, of sorts.

the Wumpus

…I only showed up on the scene when games like Venture were popular 😉 Erm, I mean…the Game…Box…console video game player…as I am only…19 or so…


Sir…download Grindr, and good luck to you.


Know what I realized?!?  No one said SCAVENGER HUNT!!!  So I take that one ’cause then I seem unique. *pride*


OK…this one was actually my favourite.  And to 90% of those reading this blog you’ll know why when I say “This guy is a furry” since…I have a furry audience…but for the potential lost soul, here’s a primer that in no way expresses the opinion of anyone I know, any organization I am a part of, and if it offends you…I don’t apologize, ’cause it’s how I see it!

Furry is a subculture or fandom of individuals who appreciate anthropomorphics (ie. animals with human attributes…Simba, Robin Hood, Bugs Bunny, etc.) and are regularly mocked on the internet despite being overall a fun-loving group of awesome geeks with the occasional freak thrown in so that we’re more STATUS QUO!  Yah…I said it…what makes furry normal is that their is their fair share of freaks MUCH like the rest of the world.

Furries have a lingo, a star system, a series of communities, and an understanding that is different than the rest of the world.  They’re also ‘furry by degree,’ where some love anthropomorphic art but don’t live it like a lifestyle, and some believe they ARE the animal they take on as a persona…or fursona…

THIS furry, the furry I’m speaking of, took the word HUNT and associated thusly:


Which is extra special…because he IS a deer.

Which is why he gets the AWESOME MORBID IRONY AWARD and will hopefully hold it for eons and eons.  Kudos. Here…put this on your mantle.  Touch it.  Kiss it.  Make it yours.  You earned it.

And that ends our business week. *cue your National anthem unless it’s confusing, in which case I guess something by Beethoven* Tomorrow the very few late entries will be revealed here, and on Monday morning at 10 am-ish you can join in the fun simply by following @Potoroo and associating a word to the one I said! Tell your friends…or I will HUNT you down and I will go EPIC on your BURNed ass!!

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  1. I hope you have a trophy for that Morbid Irony Award 😛 Cause I want it! 😛 j/k

    • I’ll see what I can fashion…though it MAY be that i bring you to the ceremony, but instead shoot a deer…delicious irony…or is that coincidence? 😉

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