CHECK: Thursday, June 24 2010

Today, I was G20ed.  What does that mean?  In the act of dropping off my wonderful friend Growler, who works at Adelaide and University in Toronto, I was stopped by some police officers (one named Lazarus…zombiecop?) and me and Yennix, sitting beside me, were individually questioned: why are we downtown, where are we headed, what’s our weight, eye colour, phone number…officer!  If you would like to have some drinks, just ask!

We were thanked for our patience, and opted to drive north instead of south, as far away from another potential G20 police CHECK as we could!  What kind of CHECK’S have you had today?


Kind of the wrong season for it…but I suppose anyone could slam another person into a wall with a horizontal stick year round!

is in the mail!

But I need it NOW!  Oh, that’s IT!  I’m sick and tired of your shenanigans!

Checkmate! (x2)

I especially love that one of you *kicks the table* with this one!  And what is Check Mate from?


OK…now I have to test your intelligence!  Let’s play post-association-as-though-I’m-asking-skill-testing-questions of the day!  What do I need most right now?


Nice!  What are most furries from Toronto going through this weekend?


Right again! What am I giving you for your right answers?


Delicious!  And where will I leave you behind so I don’t get in trouble if you have a criminal record?



Check? I’ll pay with CASH! >8D

Oh, you’re back, eh?  But I thought the check was in the mail! And wait a second…why am I getting a check from the US instead of a cheque from Canada?

Yes Juliet,kill the limbo, I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window…

…ah yes, that We The Kings video I directed.  Thanks for reminding me. Anyways…I gotta get going.  I believe I have a date with an undead police officer.  What should I wear?!?!?!

If I don’t have my brains forcibly removed tonight, you can find me tomorrow @Potoroo for more word association fun!  Join in!  It’s not difficult…unless saying the first thing that comes to mind is something you CAN’T DO!!  Huh?  CHECK…MATE!

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