EPIC: Wednesday, June 23rd 2010

What a perfect word for today!  The G20 is epically annoying people in this beautiful city of Toronto, there was an EARTHQUAKE of all fricken things, AND I’m going to the Soda Pop show tonight!  What else can I say? EPIC!

Let’s see what people DEPICT!

Interesting…yes!  Lets!

The obvious… FAIL! X3

Obvious, eh?  How obvious?  Oh?  It was brought up FIVE times today?  That’s pretty obvious…could the opposite possibly be true?

It can only be WIN, because I’m made of it…

Dag yo!  CONFIDENCE AWARD GOES TO YOU, DUDE!  Only one to say ‘win’ as well! Kudos.

The dark crystal.

…how so?

it is epic muppetness

I suppose it is the most epic of Muppet films!  Makes me wonder…what is the most epic Care Bear episode…

scott pilgrim and epic epic of epicness!!

GOOD CALL!  And while we’re here, follow @edgarwright

pet wars ^.^

I was once mocked for playing Restaurant City by someone who played Epic Pet Wars.  I think that is on par with girl in a Miley Cyrus shirt who mocked me for having a Hilary Duff backpack.

Epic Twitter Drain! AKA World Cup!

It’s like the word ‘Goal’ cues little birds to grab the ropes, it’s time to pull the whale out for some sun!


Is this like a kilt?  Or those steampunk goggles?  I consider that epic gear!

Know what wasn’t epic?  The ASSOCIATIONS!  I mean, in sheer size!  I’d say it’s our slowest day…shall we make tomorrow busier, folks?  I’ll try to find a better word, but…Epic…come on?  I gotta go, though…I got my nails done, hair done, everything did.  I’m fancy, huh.  YO! I’m ready for my close up now…

Cecil B. Demille.


Weekday mornings, if you wait outside in the woods and clap three times at exactly 10 am, the elusive @Potoroo may give you a word…and if you reply…he may blog about it later in the day!  Epic.

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