BURN: Monday, June 21st 2010

Week Three of Word Association Blog Joy.  Blogjoy.  I don’t like that word…I apologize in advance if it’s lackluster…cooking food…just got back from watching Drizzy sign autographs for three hours…PROOF?!?

Question: What did my roomies get yesterday that left them incapacitated, requiring me to rub them with a gelly fluid, and woke me up through the night?!

Answer: a sun…BURN!


EARLY BUT TOPICAL!  Word association GO!

Crash and –

Luckily we haven’t!  Well…The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Soccer Team just did!  …joke…too long…and too World Cup specific…never again…

Acid –

Although a reference to the 90s, this COULD also be a reference to a horrible experience.  If it had not been prefaced, you would have pried the morbid award away from it’s current holder…but luckily ‘Early=miscarriage’ still reigns supreme.


I’ve experienced a double burn before! WHEN I SAW YO’ FACE! *zing*

Nine Inch Nails

I guess if they were heated with a blow torch and hammered into me.  OH!  You mean that pop group from the 90s? *whisperwhisperwhisper* …I KNOW WHO TRENT REZNOR IS, I was being a dork. *zing*

notice (x2)

The Chin is God.

Disco Inferno

Burn baby burn, let the mother’s…supper…burn? PG 13 BLOG!

Energy drink

I used to drink these like water.  Even the ones who’s taste I hated.  Then I switched to ones I loved.  And also the 5 hour energy shots.  Until I realized I didn’t feel ANY more energetic afterwards…only $3-5 poorer.  Sad face.


You people and your sick minds…oh…like to peel out?  WOOOO! MOTHER CLUCKIN’ UNIBODY FRAME WOOO!

Mr. Burns

Move the ‘s’ and it’s Mr’s Burn! *zing*  Simpsons reference #2 of the blog…who will be #3??

Burn the witch, the heretic and the mutant! FOR THE EMPEROR!!

…my favourite entry of the week…is also the one that makes me fear the associator most…I’m keeping my eye on you. *eyeonyou*

the little leprechaun told me to burn things 😀

Did they tell you to burn some witches?  I have a new friend for you! *othereyeonyou*

BURNINATOR!! A.k.a. Green Death

I think Trogdor, you think…Deviant Art Dragon Pic!  It’s pretty…pretty NICE! *zing?*

ing with desire!

Why thank you!  How sweet!  I can only assume you mean for me! …oh…it was just an association? *…zinged*

Thanks to all who joined in the fun!  A sidenote: Did you notice I sometimes put topical and neato links in the blog?  FIND THEM AND BE AMAZED!  As usual, hit me up @Potoroo around 10am weekdays and gimme your association…oooh!  That could be my new catchphrase. *whisperwhisperwhisper*


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