BOOK: Tuesday, June 22 2010

I’d like to think of this word association blog, or tworassblo as I like to call it, as a good read.  Much like a small, 400 word long BOOK. I once tried to write a book.  I fancied myself a Young Adult auteur.


Precisely what would’ve happened if I’d ever been published! LET’S ASSOCIATE!


You make a good one for your word…OOOH!  Two meanings in one, I get an award!  Hey…why didn’t the words go red?  Apparently I can only award you guys…stupid rules…

The first word that pooped into my mind was: Bookee 🙂

…you guys are typoing and I like it.  Pooped eh? 😉  Pooped into your mind? *snicker*

Things i need more of D:

need a new one!

I have too many books…I should give you some.  Do you like to study Semiotics in Theatre and Drama?

REEBOOK! That’s easy! (just one extra Oh)

WONDERFUL!  Another word inventor, only this time you also get some product placement…what’s that?  Do I sense a sponsorship coming on?


….NERDS!  Or Xestobium rufovillosum! Which would YOU rather be?  VOTE!

of the dead!

If I take this nerdily ® then it’s the SECOND Bruce Campbell reference in two days.  Can we go for a third? Award possible!

Redit, redit, readit…

Red ’em all, eh?

“Let your fingers do the walking.”

Trust me…after half an hour of finger walking it’s VERY tiring.  Read a book instead.


Accounting!  Fascinating!  Tell me, which do you prefer in accounting, I prefer ass…ets!

what is little and black ;D

…and you prefer ass…es! WHAMMO!  Gotcha!

Appointments. D: Boring, boring appointments.

They wouldn’t be so boring if you had that little black book.


’em, Danno.

Whammo.  Danno!  I was wondering when this would come up…and you, sir, are precisely who I expected to say it too.  Kudos.  The Award for the Pleasant Sensation Achieved when Successfully Expecting Something. My most ambitious award yet!

That’s it for today!  Again, hitting @Potoroo is all you need to do to join in the fun, 10 am or thereabouts on

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