Late Entries: Week of June 14th 2010

Now time for the weekend quickie!!! I mean, the Sunday Nooner!  GAH!  It’s time for the late entries of the week…mostly from the same person!


Cow! Al rescate!

I’m a bad nerd…I had to look this one up.  Apparently it has to do with a cow…and a chicken…and spanish.


Punch Buggy

OW!  Aren’t you supposed to announce the colour?  What colour was it?? I DEMAND TO KNOW!  YOU HIT ME!



So far, all late entries from the same person! They must be on some kind of…standard time…that isn’t the same as the rest of us. If only they had a name for that.  Like…something…standard time.  Maybe referring to their nationality.  ZING!


FINE! Be that way and pick a lame word of the day!

TANTRUM ANSWER AWARD! I wish I could take this seriously…it would be amazing if someone was ACTUALLY pissy about my word choice, especially if they take the time to respond to it like this!  They win the random award, however, for the awesome answer that I SOOOO would have said…when I was younger…YEARS AGO…last year…last month…

…yesterday…this morning…


I received a scolding and mockery for not getting this reference…well, not really, but very much a jaw drop in text form.  It is from the TV show ‘The Nanny.’  I’m sorry I have never seen it.  I shall assume the position.

I would also like to note I received a late entry for HOT that…referred to a very well known internet flash animation called ‘Dr. Tran’ and it’s kinda NSFW.  If you’ve…seen Dr. Tran…you should be able to figure this association for yourself.  Very…very…notty.

There you have it!  Another week, another series of words associated, another battle of wits!  WITS!

So, Monday…join me @Potoroo…and you can join in the fun!  You know you want to!  Around 10ish in the morn I say a word…around 2 or 3ish…it becomes a blog!  Late entries, as we have just seen, show up on the weekend.  Comments appreciated! Spread the love. Dagedness!

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  1. I never heard of this dr. tran 🙂 Cool beans! 🙂

  2. I know you liked that notty totty ;p

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