HOT: Friday, June 18 2010

It’s getting HOT in here.  So take off all your clothes.  I am getting so hot I’m going to take my clothes off.

Lesson One in how to make a summer hit sound extra lame!  Let’s move on, shall we?  I say HOT, you say…


…of ALL the associations I expected first, this was not one!  It’s funny, I always associate the totty (or toddy) with ‘feeding children alcohol’ as it’s a good way to get a whiny sick kid to fall asleep.  Therefore, my association, of your association, is illegal.

Hot Hot Heat

Shout out for Can Con!  WOOOO!  Any other music associations?

Trent Reznor

Circa ‘Head Like A Hole’ yes…last picture I saw of him I swear his gut was trying to escape his shirt…and isn’t he balding?  I shouldn’t judge…’solar panel for a sex machine’ and ‘more of him to love’ I guess.

Timo Kotipelto

Obscure but OK!

Cold. And then Katy Perry starts playing in my head. 🙂

OOOOH!  A double whammy!  I was wondering when cold would come up…you opposite associators ™ with your backwards brains and yer music…*grumble*

I’m going with “salsa” because both the food and dance are best when hot.

A double associator!! ™ with your complex connections and yer food…*grumble*

Pocket (x2)

A FOOD associator!  Actually, two.  One was followed by: “Please bear in mind that I in no way endorse hot pockets; they are a terrible scourge upon humanity.”  And Katy Perry isn’t?!? *zing*


…I know the obvious…for making hot pockets hot!  But explain…

(a friend) just told me a story about someone who removed the metal grid from the door to see better inside.

Awesome!  My association of your association is ‘BRAINMELT!’


Food AND a game!  Fantabulous!


Are we hungry today associators? “(As Rosco P. Coltrane would probably say :3)” AH! Delicious Pop Culture Reference of the Day!


I would have also accepted ‘Magma.’ I like the word ‘Magma.’  It sounds like a Japanese monster!

for teacher

This one got me thinking: have ANY teachers I’ve EVER had been hot?  First off, excluding female teachers and professors and instructors (…if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m…super thanks for asking) which is like…75% of them…and everyone who looked like a monster or was over the age of 60…I’m left with a large batch of either conservative tie wearers or garden-tending fathers or young, hip preppies.

…no…I don’t recall having ever been hot for teacher!

child in the city

My favourite part of this one is the list of bands who have covered the song! WHO??!?!

And…that’s it!  I see that Justin Bieber literally just tweeted “how you doin ladies ;)” which is my cue to sign off for the day!  Keep an eye out this weekend for the Late Edition, all the folks who came a little too late…in other words, were cold, not hot.  ZING!

As always, you can follow @Potoroo and join in the fun times, starting normally around 10ish on weekdays and transforming to blog form around 2 or 3pm.  Comments, questions, queries, concerns and complimentary quizzical compliments are cheerfully aCcepted…I strained for that ‘C’ I really did.  Love y’all.  Peace.  Fo’ drizzle.

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