LOUD: Wednesday, June 16 2010

Sorry I’m LATE today…I set a GOAL of biking and did SUPER GOOD but got home and was kinda BROKEN.  You know I’m dedicated, because I let the blog BUG me until I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to write it up…even though it’s a LATE ENTRY!



I said the word today is LOUD!!  Why can’t you hear me?!

Vuvuzelas (x2)

I wish people would stop complaining about these…really, what’s the difference between crowd buzz and horn buzz?  I think it’s neat!  I keep thinking the killer bees are watching the matches out of camera shot.  Though…yes…loud.

BIG as in “Big and Loud”

I was linked to the film Cats Don’t Dance with this one…please don’t revoke my furry card…but I never saw it.  I never saw All Dogs Go To Heaven either!  Please don’t hurt me!


Huh?  It’s not opposite day, sir.  And trust me, I tried to rest serenely on my couch today, but the noise of construction UNDER MY HOUSE was not serene!

…and Proud!

Pride Parades are loud. Among the loudness you can see there are loud


and at least one or two loud


and if you look closely enough you’ll find a loud


…sir, please go and sit with Mr. Serenity.  You two obviously have something to talk about.

Disaster Area

Kudos goes once again to the man with the tangential genius on his side.  Loud music, but requiring either research or trivial knowledge…and I have both!


AH!  He’s back from the dead and he’s screaming at me!  I’ll buy it!  I’LL BUY IT…*sobs*

We are now down to my two favourites.  To a degree, the answers are personal as I know them and I know how these answers relate to them…yet, sometimes, the personal can be universal…for instance:

drunk RockBand :3

I’m not a huge fan of RockBand, but I don’t hate it entirely for two reasons.  One: because I’ve never tried it, and I believe it’s kinda unfair to hate something unless you tried it.  And Two: because I know this person when he gets drunk and plays RockBand, and it is, gentle readers, entertainment at it’s best.  And it is also loud.

And then there’s this:

ME!! Just had the equivalent of 8-10 coffee’s….. Oh… My… Gawd!!! O.O here we go!

Think of…not the most hyper person you know, but someone who’s way up there.  MUCH higher energy than 90% of your friends.  Now, imagine they just told you what I just italicized and indented up there.

Things are gonna get loud.

That’s it for me today!  Thanks for all the entries, tune in tomorrow at 10 ish when I toss out a new word and expect you all to associate something with it!




Keep an eye on @Potoroo every morning at 10ish to see the word…say the first thing that comes to mind…and later that day Roo will repeat it for everyone else to read and do some association of his own. Joyous day!  Commentary is appreciated.  Love y’all.  Kick up the bass.  Dag yo.

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