FINE: Thursday, June 17 2010

What a FINE day!  I was going to use this word last week…but I realized everyone was surly and I’d be bombarded with ‘PARKING FINE!’ and variations…today, everyone is much more pleasant!

arts. 🙂

See!  The fine arts!  You know, when I come up with words I try to think of at least three different ways the word could be interpreted…I didn’t even think of this one.  Very pleasing!  Jan van Eyck is my favourite painter …who is yours?


Delightful!  I’ve been to 360 at the top of the CN tower…and Barbarian’s Steak House…I wore jeans and a t-shirt to both places!  I’m sure there was some very fine spit in my food.

point! like a pen

Oooh!  My favourite kind of pen too!


Nothin’ makes a wood shop project smoother!


…yes…donkey’s can be quite fine.

…oh…how filthy!  How do I get out of this…now I’m in a

mighty fine predicament


Wine (x2)

Back on track!  Wow, you bunch are quite refined!  The Arts?!?  Wine?? Sandpaper!  I love it.  But how do you feel?

Fine and dandy

What’s fine and dandy, sir?




Is this like ‘dining’ and ‘wine’ or like ‘sandpaper’?  Is it a grade or a class?


With the note: followed by “No beer and no TV make homer something something” “Go crazy?” “DON’T MIND IF I DO! WEEEEAAABLABLA” I like that feelin can be ‘feelin fine’ or ‘fine feelin!’ And a Simpsons quote to boot.  Kudos.

Now we’ve come to the…

al count down! Doot-de-doo-doooo doot-de-do-do-dooo!

Which can only mean one thing:

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel…

Yes…I do.

Once again, follow @Potoroo, get yerself a word in the morn’, and associate it!  Comments are appreciated and well-loved, like a FINE pear…pear?  Wha??

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